UTV Motion Pictures and Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.’s Kick (UA) is the story of Devi Lal Singh (Salman Khan), who is so brainy and so different that he just doesn’t fancy doing the usual, routine and mundane things. He gets a kick in his life when he does the unusual. Hence, by his very nature, he is adventurous.

Devi falls in love with a psychiatrist, Poland-based Shaina Mehra (Jacqueline Fernandez), whom he meets in Delhi under strange circumstances. Obviously, Shaina’s father, Brijesh Mehra (Saurabh Shukla), is not happy with Shaina’s choice because, among other things, Devi doesn’t even have a permanent job – he quits jobs within days as he gets bored very easily. Even as their romance is blossoming, Devi walks out of Shaina’s life after a tiff with her. For one year, there’s no contact between the two. Shaina is extremely sad about the breakup because she also loves Devi very dearly. Brijesh Mehra, who is very worried about Shaina’s marriage, sees a potential groom in Himanshu Tyagi (Randeep Hooda). Himanshu, the son of a family friend, is a police officer, who comes to Poland from India in connection with a criminal case and who stays in their house during his Poland stint.

Shaina, who can’t get over Devi, is in no mood to marry anyone else. She tells Himanshu the story of Devi and how he had gone out of her life. On his part, Himanshu tells Shaina about the case that has brought him to Poland. He wants to nab Devil (Salman Khan under a new identity; the name is got by adding the ‘l’ of Lal Singh to his name ‘Devi’) who has been killing rich businessmen on important dates but has still not been nabbed by the Indian police. In fact, the Indian police does not even know what Devil looks like or who he is! Himanshu, who has had a spotless and cent per cent track record, has taken it upon himself to arrest Devil, come what may. Himanshu is sure, Devil’s next victim would be Shiv Gajra (Nawazuddin Siddiqui), the corrupt nephew of India’s equally corrupt home minister, Vishnu Gajra (Vipin Sharma). Since Shiv Gajra is due to arrive in Poland for some work, Himanshu is sure, Devil would try to kill him on the foreign soil. Even otherwise, Devil has given Himanshu enough hint that he would be going to Poland.

As luck would have it, Devi Lal alias Devil also stays with the Mehras while in Poland – even as Himanshu is their guest. Meanwhile, Shaina has given her consent to marry Himanshu as Devi Lal Singh, she learns, is suffering from a mental disorder because of which he has forgotten his past. In fact, Shaina has brought Devi to her home from hospital just so that she can cure him and make him remember his past including their love affair. Himanshu and Shaina, of course, are unware that Devil is none other than Devi Lal. But Devi Lal knows that Himanshu has come to Poland to thwart his (Devil’s) attempt to eliminate Shiv Gajra and to arrest him (Devil).

Why does Devil want to kill Shiv Gajra? Is it a personal vendetta or is there some other reason too? Does he succeed in his mission? Or does Shiv Gajra prove to be too smart for Devi Lal alias Devil? Does Himanshu get to know who Devil is? Does he get to know that Devil is none other than Shaina’s ex-boyfriend, Devi Lal? Does Himanshu succeed in arresting or killing Devil before the latter can murder Shiv Gajra? Does Shaina learn of the fact that the criminal whom Himanshu is looking for is none other than Devi Lal? Does Devi Lal get back his lost memory? Whom does Shaina marry – Devi Lal or Himanshu?

The film is a remake of the Telugu hit, Kick. The story is very engaging and keeps the audience involved and engrossed right from the word ‘go’. The screenplay, penned by Rajat Aroraa, Keith Gomes, Sajid Nadiadwala and Chetan Bhagat, is so fast-paced and so entertaining that the audience doesn’t get time to even think. There are a few dull moments, no doubt, but they are for very short durations, be­cause of which boredom doesn’t creep in. Overall, the drama has so many twists and turns that the audience’s eyes remain glued to the screen lest they miss something. Actually, the second half appears a bit confusing for a while but that’s because the back story of Shiv Gajra is revealed later. Once that happens, all the confusion is put to rest.

The screenplay is so clever that it caters to the classes and the masses alike, to the young and the old, the rich and the poor, the guys and the girls, the multiplex audience and the single-screen cinema audience, the viewers in ‘A’ class centres as well as in ‘B’ and ‘C’ class centres. The film has a balanced dose of romance, comedy, drama, action, song, dance and even a dash of emotions. The romance is fresh, the comedy is extremely entertaining and enjoyable, the action is supremely breathtaking and the emotions definitely move the viewer even if they may not make everyone cry. The climax sequence, involving kids, is a highlight and will evoke a loud round of applause in the cinema halls.

Not just the climax, there are a number of other scenes which will be met with thunderous rounds of applause. Some of the highlight scenes and sequences are: the introduction sequence of Devi Lal in which he gets Vidhi (Sumona Chakravarti) married to Jignesh (Kavin Dave) against her MLA-mother’s (Manita Malik) wishes; the romantic scenes of Devi Lal and Shaina; the scene in which Devi Lal goes to Shaina’s house to meet her father (this scene will bring the house down with laughter); several action sequences and breathtaking stunts; the scenes of Shiv Gajra; the scene in which Devi Lal and Himanshu bond over drinks; the scene in which Devi Lal alias Devil puts a gun to Shaina’s head to escape from Himanshu; the very last scene when Devi Lal alias Devil comes face-to-face with Himanshu (there will be deafening applause in this scene); and several more. The cartoon characters used to narrate the story of Devi Lal’s growing up years are interesting. The scene in which Devil crosses the railway tracks and misses being hit by a speeding train by just a whisker will evoke shrieks and claps from the audience!

Rajat Aroraa’s dialogues are veritable gems and serve to heighten the drama. In fact, several scenes between Devi Lal and Brijesh Mehra as also between Devi Lal and Himanshu Tyagi are highly entertaining because of the wonderful dialogues. His dialogue, mouthed by Devi Lal (Salman Khan), about him (Devi Lal) endearing himself to people but about people being unable to understand him (‘Main dil mein aata hoon, samajh mein nahin’) is one of the best dialogues of this year so far, more so because it rings true for Salman Khan in real life.

Salman Khan gives a mind-blowing performance, playing to the gallery with all the conviction at his command. He excels in dramatic, romantic and comic scenes, is superb in action and stunt scenes and also makes a swell impact in the emotional scenes. He looks handsome as ever and also stands out in the dances. Jacqueline Fernandez looks glamorous and sexy and acts with admirable ease. Her dances are just too outstanding, leaving the audience staring in disbelief. Randeep Hooda shines in the role of Himanshu Tyagi. He delivers an extraordinary performance and makes his character so very likeable. Nawazuddin Siddiqui is unbelievably fantastic! His style of dialogue delivery and his acting in this film will win him lakhs of new fans. Saurabh Shukla deserves distinction marks for a job wonderfully executed. He provides many entertaining moments. Mithun Chakraborty has a brief role as Devi Lal Singh’s father but he definitely makes his presence felt with a solid show. As his wife, Archna Pooran Singh stands out in a very brief role. Vipin Sharma is superb as home minister Vishnu Gajra. His dialogue delivery is remarkable. Sanjay Mishra leaves a mark as police inspector Ram Avtaar Rathi. Arun Verma has his moments as the peon. Rajit Kapur is good as Dr. Jayant. Sumona Chakravarti (as Vidhi) and Kavin Dave (as Jignesh) lend able support. Baby Diya Chalwad is endearing and natural as Jhumki. Manita Malik is effective as Vidhi’s MLA-mother. Kamlesh Gill (as Shaina’s grandmother), Riya Vij (as Shaina’s younger sister), Sunil Pal (as the drunkard), Rajshri Deshpande (as Jhumki’s mother), Karan Anand (as Jhumki’s father), Pankaj Kalra (as minister), Ranjan Dumra (as Dr. An­sari) and master Shivansh (as the little Sikh boy) lend able support. Nargis Fakhri adds oomph, sex appeal and glamour in a song-dance. Others are effective.

Sajid Nadiadwala’s direction is so wonderful that it doesn’t look like this is his debut film. His narrative style caters to all strata of society and all age groups, to the multiplex as well as single-screen cinema audiences. Right with his first film, Sajid establishes himself as a force to reckon with among the tribe of directors. Music is very good. ‘Jumme ki raat’ (composed by Himesh Reshmmiya and written by Kumaar and Shabbir Ahmed) is already a hit song. ‘Hangover’ (music: Meet Bros. Anjjan; lyrics: Kumaar) and ‘Mar jaawaan’ (penned and composed by Yo Yo Honey Singh) are also very appealing songs. Mayur Puri’s lyrics in ‘Tu hi tu’ song (set to tune by Himesh Reshammiya) are meaningful. Song picturisations (by Ahmed Khan) are beautiful; the best choreography is of ‘Jumme ki raat’, followed by ‘Mar jaawaan’ and ‘Hangover’ songs. Julius Packiam’s background music is excellent and increases the impact of the dramatic and action scenes. Ayananka Bose’s camerawork is splendid. The cinematographer has made the film visually very eye-filling. Anl Arasu and Stefan Richter deserve distinction marks for their death-defying action and stunt sequences which provide great thrill to the masses. Sets by Acropolis (Rajnish Hedao, Sumit Basu and Snigdha Basu) are truly stylish. Rameshwar S. Bhagat’s editing is very sharp.

On the whole, Kick is a blockbuster of epic proportions! It entertains audiences of all kinds and classes. It is the kind of film which – to borrow from a dialogue mouthed by Salman Khan in the film – dil mein aati hai aur samajh mein bhi aati hai! With tremendous repeat value too, this one will shake the box-office, set cash registers ringing and ultimately emerge as one of the biggest blockbusters of Indian cinema. It could easily turn out to be the highest grosser of Salman’s career so far!


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  1. KLS says:

    Needs to cross 186cr (distributor figs) or 198cr (producer figs) to beat his previous highest so should do so. But dhoom 3 is out of reach.

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  4. indra says:

    Sir, aapne itna sab detail mein likh diya toh look theatre mein jaakar kya dekhenge? Please itni detail mein story aur saare interesting scenes ka discription mat dena. Please! This is not the way to review a film.

    • Dc Z says:

      Indra, we have been telling this dunce this same thing for ages but he never even reads our comments let alone follow our suggestions. All we can do is to avoid his film reviews.

  5. sanjaythapa says:

    Celeb Maniayour blog is very intresting but you are dealing a lot with story.

  6. sanjaythapa says:

    Celeb Maniayour blog full of words, make it intresting with multimedia.

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