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Filmkraft Productions (India) Pvt. Ltd.’s Krrish 3 is a sequel to Krrish and takes the story of superhero Krishna forward. In the first part, Koi…Mil Gaya, Rohit (Hrithik Roshan), a slow learner, had been blessed with super-powers by Jadoo, who had come from space. In the second part, Krrish, Krishna, son of Rohit, had grown up to be a handsome young man (Hrithik Roshan) endowed with super-powers. In his mask and cape, Krishna alias Krrish had saved many lives by putting his super-powers to use. He had also rescued his father (Rohit Mehra), who was presumed dead but who was actually held captive by Dr. Arya (Naseeruddin Shah) for using his (Rohit’s) sharp intellect to serve his (Dr. Arya’s) ulterior motives.

In Krrish 3, Krishna is happily married to Priya (Priyanka Chopra) who is a journalist working in a television channel. He lives with her and his scientist-father, Rohit Mehra. Rohit has just successfully completed an experi­ment which proves that sunlight infuses life in the dead but the experiment needs to be tweaked. Soon, Priya gets pregnant and there’s a lot of anticipation in the family for her first child. Krishna keeps losing his job every few days because his employers are unaware that when he is away from duty during work hours, he has actually donned the Krrish mask and cape to help people in distress. Krrish is a national hero by now but except for his father and wife, nobody knows that Krishna is the revered Krrish.

Elsewhere in the world, a deadly virus breaks out, killing hundreds of people. Even as Rohit Mehra and doctors all over the world are trying to make an antidote for the virus, news comes in that the antidote, made by Kaal Laboratories, has reached the virus-infected area. Soon, a similarly deadly virus infects Bombay, killing hundreds. Since Kaal Laboratories, run by Kaal (Vivek Oberoi), itself spreads the virus first and then floods the market with its antidote, Kaal is keen to delay instead of releasing the antidote in the market just yet so that he can command the price he wants and thereby make tons of money. Pained by the misery of the infected people, Rohit Mehra manages to make the antidote and Krrish uses his super-powers to deliver the antidote everywhere.

Kaal is an invalid, confined to his wheel-chair with only his two fingers having sensation below his neck. He is super-intelligent and has set up a laboratory in which he has created mutants which are half-human-half-animals. Kaya (Kangana Ranaut) is one such mutant creation of Kaal who, incidentally, is constantly on the lookout for a cure for his malady.

Distressed that some scientist had beaten him at his own game, Kaal has Priya kidnapped first and Rohit Mehra later. Meanwhile, on Kaal’s instructions, Kaya had assumed the form of Priya and had started living with Krishna so that she could get information from Rohit Mehra (before his kidnap) about how he had made the antidote.

When he learns that his father is held captive by Kaal, Krishna reaches Kaal’s laboratory with the help of Kaya to save his father and to put an end to Kaal’s nefarious activities. But Kaal proves to be too smart for him, endowed as he is with immense intelligence. He uses Krishna’s DNA to cure his own disability. Why, Kaal even kills Krishna and comes to Bombay city to eliminate the child taking birth in Priya’s womb.

Does Kaal succeed? Does Priya have to sacrifice her child because of Kaal? What happens to Rohit? Is Krishna really dead? Who is Kaal and why does Krishna’s DNA help him get cured?

Rakesh Roshan’s story is simple and, in the true spirit of a sequel, takes the drama of the previous films (Koi…Mil Gaya and Krrish) forward. It keeps the audience engaged and involved right from the word ‘go’. The drama connects beautifully with the audience and, in spite of there being usage of technical jargon, the simplified manner in which things are explained makes it comprehensible to all concerned. The screenplay, penned by Rakesh Roshan, Honey Irani, Robin Bhatt, Akarsh Khurana and Irfan Kamal, is excellent because it moves very logically and does not leave the emotional thread of the first and second parts even one bit. The emotions in the film are understated but which would straightaway make their way to the audience’s heart. What’s also wonderful about the screenplay is that it integrates the visual effects beautifully into the drama.

The first half is smooth as silk. There are a few places where the pace dips in the second half but that does not take away much from the screenplay. Also, the film’s script lacks in two important ingredients – comedy and romance. There is very little humour but, fortunately, that aspect, to an extent, is taken care of by Rohit Mehra’s character, mannerisms, style of talking and walking. If, in spite of the dips in pace at places and lack of comedy and romance, the drama still wonderfully holds the audience’s attention and keeps the interest alive throughout, it is because the film has many plus points and clap-worthy scenes and sequences. In particular, the audience will applaud with claps and whistles the scenes in which Krrish helps the aeroplane to land, in which Krrish battles Kaya and another mutant outside his house, in which he distributes the antidote of the deadly virus, in which he holds an entire building to reduce its impact on crashing, in which he saves the child in the pram etc. The scene in which Rohit Mehra revives Krishna will be met with a deafening round of applause. Similarly, the scene in which Krrish appears in the climax to fight Kaal will evoke applause which will create mini tremors in the cinema halls. The hand-to-hand fight between Krrish and Kaal in the latter’s laboratory is breathtaking. Climax is simply exhilarating and just too exciting. Sanjay Masoom’s dialogues are simple, not over-dramatic but they do touch the heart, especially in the emotional scenes.

Hrithik Roshan lives the role of Rohit Mehra and delivers an absolutely stunning performance. He is extremely endearing in that role and should easily pick up awards for the film on the strength of his performance in this role. As Krishna, he is lovely. His physique is to die for. And as Krrish, he is heroic to the core. The character of Krrish will be simply adored by the kids who will go crazy over his antics. The act of Krrish giving a wrist-band to Vicky, the kid whom he rescues, is a master stroke from the point of view of script and it will re-consolidate Hrithik Roshna’s superstar status among the kid generation. Priyanka Chopra gets limited scope. She acts with a lot of sincerity and does a truly fine job. Kangana Ranaut is first-rate in a very difficult role which, neverthless, has various shades and which gives her immense scope to perform. Her look is wonderful. Vivek Oberoi spews venom with his villainy. He puts his heart and soul in the character of Kaal and shines. His entry scene is excellent and will be met with applause. Arif Zakaria (as Dr. Shetty) and Asif Basra (as Dr. Alok Sen) leave their marks. Rajpal Yadav’s comedy doesn’t add to the drama. Raju Kher, Yusuf Hussain, master Faizan Khan (as Vicky), Sachin Khedekar (special appearance), Mohnish Bahl (special appearance) and Gargi Patel (special appearance) provide formidable support. Rakhi Vijan, Ehsaan Khan, Gowhar Khan (as mutant frog man), Sameer Ali Khan (as mutant ant man), Nazia Shaikh (as mutant cheetah woman), Danniel Kaleb (as mutant rhino man), Shaurya Chauhan (as mutant scorpion woman), Amrit Pal Singh (as mutant swordfish man), Vineet Sharma (as pilot), Ajay Verma (as co-pilot), Mamta (as Vicky’s mother), Baldev Trehan (as the old man in the mall) and Sanobar Pardiwala (as the mother in the mall) lend fair sup­ port. Others are okay.

Rakesh Roshan’s direction is extraordinary. He deserves the fullest marks not just for his narrative style but also for attempting such a difficult subject requiring so many visual effects. The visual effects (by Red Chillies VFX) are marvellous and of Hollywood standard. Prosthetics deserve special men- tion. Rajesh Roshan’s music is a letdown, considering the canvas, cast and budget of the film. Although all the three songs do not appear boring in the film, their audio appeal is far less. Super-hit songs were the need of the film. Sameer’s lyrics are appropriate. Picturisa­tion of all the three songs (Chinni Prakash, Raju Khan and Remo D’souza) is eye-filling. Hrithik’s dance in the ‘Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram’ song is delightful! Salim-Sulaiman’s background music greatly heightens the impact of the drama and is first-rate. Action and stunts, choreographed by Tony Ching siu Tung and Sham Kaushal, are fantastic. They are worthy of huge applause and will be loved by the masses and kids. S. Thiru’s cinematography is outstanding. It makes the film a veritable visual delight. Sabu Cyril’s sets are excellent. Chandan Arora’s editing is crisp.

On the whole, Krrish 3 is a box-office bonanza which will write box-office history. It will do outstanding business and will emerge as one of the biggest blockbusters of Indian cinema. In spite of lack of comedy, romance and hit music, it has tremendous repeat value. Let it be said loud and clear: Some films are destined to write box-office history, and Krrish 3 is one such film. It is: Avatar meets Superman meets Indian sentiments!


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54 Responses to KRRISH 3 Review

  1. Sumit says:

    Excellent sir……
    I also thoroughly enjoied movie …..
    300 cr possible …..

  2. Pun says:

    Komal yourreview is bang on after watching the film yesterday those were my exact views which you have penned down

  3. rishiraj deb says:

    solid movie.. mind blowing

  4. Syds says:

    There is nothing in new in story, it’s same recipe in new bottle…only hrithick looks,stunt n SFX is to look for in the movie

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  6. jasif says:

    i m definitely gonna watch this movie…i regret fr missing it today….

  7. rakesh kushwaha says:

    awesome movie
    must watch

  8. rakesh kushwaha says:

    awesome movie
    must watch

  9. Abhishek says:

    What A Movie!!! I’m speechless!! Was that a Bollywood film? By its VFX, it looked like Hollywood! But it had a much better storytelling than Hollywood flicks. Hrithik is unmatchable in the film, he can give Batman, Superman, Ironman run for their money by his superb acting, stunning physique and amazing looks. Overall 4.5 from me!

    • Amit Baliga says:

      Read my indepth analysis on why Krrish 3 is great from a Bollywood point of view –

    • priyam says:

      It may compete with superman and Ironman but not with batman. THE Dark knight had a unpridictable story. Krrish was same chessy superhero story.

    • Apoorva says:

      Are you serious with your comment???!!!

      Isn’t Bollywood ashamed to bluntly copy the villain from Professor Xavier and other themes from X-Men movies, plane theme from Superman Returns and the gas vapor scene from Spiderman and this is me watching only an hour of the movie and writing this in my frustration. Why are you guys praising the movie? Are Indians that shallow to appreciate pirated movie scripts from Hollywood?

      And his father? He he supposed to be a retard, simple or just act like a child which all goes against having a genius mind.

      Reading the comments, you are all stupid!

      Bollywood should be ashamed with movies like these with copied plots.

  10. Ashu says:

    Guys guys guys! Whether you are an SRK or Salman or Aamir fan, do watch it! Believe me you will feel proud to be an Indian! Hats off to Roshans for their vision and execution and to Red Chillies for producing better VFX than Ra.One. Highly recommended!!!!!!

  11. chakor says:

    Saale bade producers ka goo khane-wale kutte,Chote producers ki filmon ko kill karnewale gutter ke kide. Whats special in the movie ,its for kids, Bloody all X and Super -men /etc men movies , multiplex ppl hav already watched , who il watch this creepy copy shit. Go check the multiplexes collections , This wont x 25 today. u find effects gr8 ,saale its gutter chaap like u.
    Tu industry ka sab se bada ‘ kaal’ hai , chote producers ko tadpa tadpa ke marne wala ‘ manwar’ Madarchod , bade producers ka goo khane wala kutta chamcha madarchod

    • satish says:

      you mther fucker fuck yourself u are completely jurk . u should respect they are trying to bring something new and u fucker watch doti masala type movies like dabang where hero is very strong, throws all 100 men alone without any reason why he is so strong. u asshole if u donot know how to respect then dont say such bad words

  12. Prasenjit Mitra says:


    As the world knows that Nov 1st is scheduled for the release of the much awaited movie of 2013 or we can say of last 7 yrs.

    Yes Its Krrish3 release day today and what all expected from Rakesh Roshan he has delivered much much more than that. Its a sweet chin music delivered to perfection for all Box office histories and dolla dolla bills. “Krrish3 is here to stay and will be cherished by every Indians!

    This is the third part of the Krrish saga and yes as the movie starts Rakesh roshan has given a full on recap to what we being through from Koi mil Gaya.. to Krrish and soon as the recap is over he starts with a bang its KAAL and his eveilness followed by the majestic super mind Rohit.

    There are ample of scenes in the movie which will keep a cinema watcher on his/her toes as to what will happen next. From the evil world of Kaal, th e powers of the Mutants (Manwaar), to the sweet and simple scientist Rohit, to the brisk and bulky Krishna, to the Super Sexy “Mask Man” KRRISH.

    As the story progresses Rakesh Roshans story telling abilities unfold every chapter of Kaal,Rohit,Krishna,Priya,Krrish goes on.. and the story progresses on a higher note. If the story can be placed in a Graph sheet the pointer keep sailing high.

    As expected Rakesh Roshan has delivered a High Octane Sci-Fi Film which gives you all you want Drama, Emotions, Actions to perfections, romance, joy, sorrow everything which a Hollywood movie cant deliver.

    Charecter wise Reviews:

    1. Rohit : A cute simple boy to a Life saving Scientist huge transformation. Hrithik pulls you all once again with his state of the art acting skills to make you fall in love again with Rohit Mehra. Right from the make ups to his dialog delivery and acting as a Father of a superhero he defines Rohit mehra again.

    2. Krrishna : A man with super powers still a common man as said in the film, oh yes he is a common man and women will fall in love with him. The role played by Hrithik as Krishna is of a carring Son and husband who is more and deeply joined and linked with values of Rohit and love of Priya. A husband that all women would want to have.

    3. Kaal : This is the best Super Villian ever produced he surprise you with his charecter in every single scene he is in from the start to the climax. Every dialogs delivered are to perfection , every expressions are beyond what we see in super villians. His magical and evil powers will shock you to the depth. An award winning role and by far the best Vivek Oberoi has delivered! People have seen Gabbar, Shakaal , Kancha, Mogambo but try KAAL out he the Evilest of all.

    4, Kaya : Played by Kangana Ranaut is the most bold and seductive role that a Lady Mutant can ever play. Its a added spark to the film Krrish 3.

    5. Priya : played by Priyanka chopra is the most sweetest and bubbliest role she has played . She bind the Mehra family together.

    Finally KRRISH : Hrithik Roshan as Krrish is perhaps one of Bollywood’s most appropriately sketched characters. He is enigmatic, charismatic and puts up the film’s singular superlative show.Krrish may be a superhero but it is his human side that is so appealing. Hrithik Roshan is oh-so-watchable in every frame. He owns both the roles with such ease. He will Breeze you off with his Acting and Action!

    Rakesh Roshan makes sure you are entertained throughout, be it because of the special effects or the masala plot. The entry scene of Krrish saving a plane from crash landing is well done and that sets the ball rolling. Needless to say one of the great assets of the film is Hrithik Roshan who portrays three roles in this film (Rohit, Krrish, Krishna). In fact, in the action scenes, you just know that there could be no other mainstream star in Bollywood who could do it the way he pulls it off. His newly toned body can give any Hollywood actor a run for their money.

    Overall Krrish3 is a BlockBuster for sure and to be very honest it should not be compared with any Hollywood movies as the story and concept potrayed by Rakesh Roshan is very different and with Thrill you to the highest!

    Dont expect me to rate the movie as I am a common man who is not even to the standards to rate this type of a high octane sci-fi movie with super actors like Hrithik and Vivek and a Ace director like Rakesh Roshan or the supern VFX team of red chillies!

    GO ENJOY KRRISH 3 .. Full on Faadu Film!!

  13. sharmaved says:

    Reblogged this on my india my government and commented:
    Dance Drama and Action all in one Krrish three

  14. Arnav says:

    You are the man! What a review. Now that’s a critic !!

  15. Arnie says:

    One of the best reviews I have read !!!

  16. Akshay says:

    Another collage work from bollywood… This film yet again proves… ki hum nahin sudharne wale… Doosronki ideas/scenes churaneka hamein paidaishi haq hai… But vfx is first rate…no second opinions on that…

  17. Ajnesh Kumar says:

    Sir I am big fan of u and read all the blog and reviews but one thing is bothering me that mr mayank shekher is using ur name on Facebook and spoiling ur emage

  18. ARIJITA DAS says:

    just one word after watching the movie…………………….breathtaking powerhouse,K3 deserves so many awards specially HR for best actor,Rakesh Roshan for best director,best vfx,best cinematography,best action and best villain

    • Apoorva says:

      Isn’t Bollywood ashamed to bluntly copy the villain from Professor Xavier and other themes from X-Men movies, plane theme from Superman Returns and the gas vapor scene from Spiderman and this is me watching only an hour of the movie and writing this in my frustration. Why are you guys praising the movie? Are Indians that shallow to appreciate pirated movie scripts from Hollywood?

      Reading the comments, you are all stupid!

  19. Darshan says:

    You r absolutely right. I am living london and I watched Krrish 3. Being an Indian I am feeling very proud on our super heroes THE ROSHAN’s.

  20. vijay desale says:

    This is best film of HR…i give 4.5/5 to Krrish 3…n 5/5 for HR…

  21. Kapil Swami says:

    Krrish 3 movie is inspired by xmen & residence evil

  22. Kapil Swami says:

    I like science fiction movies like robot, makkhi, raw-one, krrish 3, I proud of Rakesh roshan, he keep us in the competition of Hollywood movies.

  23. Most of the reviews I read are crap including those from reputed newspapers like Times of India, India Today, Indian Express etc. However, your review is simply outstanding. You cover every aspect of the film, story, special effects, Acting, music, choreography, direction, cinematography etc. In fact, you have shown how a complete and unbiased review should be written. You are highly educative to future generation of review writers. I have not seen the movie yet (I live in USA), but I will certainly see the movie soon. You did an outstanding job. Congratulations!

  24. Amit Baliga says:

    Great Review… Read my indepth analysis on why Krrish 3 is great from a Bollywood point of view –

  25. Dc Z says:

    The whole concept of Krrish 3 is WRONG. Mutants with such strength cannot be created by combining Maanav + Jaanwar (MAANVARS). It can only be created by combining Jaanwar + Maanav (JAANAVS).

  26. saurav says:

    i had read many articles of urs,….what u exactly does that,for any film ur review is like this..this movie is good in this,good in this,but it has this weak point,but leaving this weak point it is a very good movie,so go n watch this movie…..agar aapki baat p rahe to sari movie dekhni padegi.,

  27. Dc Z says:


  28. James Dsouza says:

    Krissh 3 one of the awesome movies of 2013. pls go and watch such gr8 movies and enjoy it to the fullest.

  29. shubham says:

    is se jyada chutiya movie maine apne life mein nai dekhi hai… wait .. chennai express and jthj also match the tally.. but they too are far behind dis krrish krrish in chutiyapa 😛

  30. Rahul says:

    Oustanding movie of this year

    • Apoorva says:

      Isn’t Bollywood ashamed to bluntly copy the villain from Professor Xavier and other themes from X-Men movies, plane theme from Superman Returns and the gas vapor scene from Spiderman and this is me watching only an hour of the movie and writing this in my frustration. Why are you guys praising the movie? Are Indians that shallow to appreciate pirated movie scripts from Hollywood?

      Reading the comments, you are all stupid!

  31. Apoorva says:

    Isn’t Bollywood ashamed to bluntly copy the villain from Professor Xavier and other themes from X-Men movies, plane theme from Superman Returns and the gas vapor scene from Spiderman and this is me watching only an hour of the movie and writing this in my frustration. Why are you guys praising the movie? Are Indians that shallow to appreciate pirated movie scripts from Hollywood?

    Reading the comments, you are all stupid!

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