Zee Studios and Namah Pictures’ Beyond The Clouds (UA) is the story of two siblings.

Amir (Ishaan Khatter) is a drugs carrier, delivering drugs to different places. One day, the police give chase to Amir and his accomplice. The two run for their lives. Amir, who has a packet of white powder with him, reaches the chawl in which his sister lives, hides the packet there and escapes. The sister, Tara (Malavika Mohanan), troubled about his profession, has always been asking him to leave the world of crime. Tara herself has separated from her abusive husband and works for Akshi (Gautam Ghose) who lusts for her. It is later revealed that Tara sells her body to make both ends meet.

Akshi tries to act fresh with Tara the next day when she asks him for the white powder packet which she had handed over to him for safe-keeping. In a fit of rage, Tara hits him so hard on the head with an object that he gets seriously injured. A bleeding Akshi lands in hospital while a weeping Tara is sent to jail. Amir is distraught, even more when he learns that Tara will have to serve life imprisonment if Akshi dies due to the attack by Tara.

It now becomes Amir’s bounden duty to ensure that Akshi gets the best possible medical care. He ends up paying for the medicines of his sister’s tormentor and even giving Akshi’s family, which has come to Bombay from his village, space in his own house.

What happens thereafter? Does Akshi survive or does he die in the hospital? Does Amir succeed in securing Tara’s freedom?

Majid Majidi’s story is both, interesting and engaging. The humane drama touches the heart but its slow pace and realistic atmosphere make it one for the elite audience only. Al­ though it is the story of the underbelly of Bombay, the style in which it has been written makes it more appealing for the classes in the cities. The ending is not just abrupt but it is also abstract and would leave the viewers confused, making it even more unappealing for the masses.

The screenplay, written by Majid Majidi and Mehran Kashani, is excellent but having said that, it must be added, it would be liked by a section of the audience only. The dilemma of the concerned Amir is beautifully brought out as he finds himself tend­ing to the very man whom he would rather want dead but whose death could spell disaster for his imprisoned sister. The scene in which Amir can’t hold back his emotions and reveals all to Akshi’s mother and kids is absolutely brilliant. Equally excellent are the scenes between Amir and Tara in jail. A couple of chase and action scenes are also wonderful. On the other hand, the film shows so much of poverty and squalor that it depresses the viewers.

Vishal Bhardwaj’s dialogues are weighty, yet simple.

Ishaan Khatter is a big star in the making. His performance is so extraordinary and easy-going that it is difficult to believe, this is his debut film. He has a wonderful screen presence, and acts superbly, that too, with effortless ease. He dances very gracefully. He has a good voice, and his dialogue delivery is lovely. Malavika Mohanan shines in the role of Tara. She does an extremely fine job. She is also natural to the core. Gautam Ghose lends tremendous support as Akshi. GV Sharada plays Akshi’s mother with all the conviction at her command and makes the character quite noteworthy. Dhwani Rajesh is extremely likeable as Akshi’s elder daughter. Baby Amruta Santosh Thakur (as Akshi’s younger daughter) and master Shivam Pujari (as Tara’s little friend in jail) provide very good support. Tannishtha Chatt­erjee lends excellent support as Tara’s jail partner. Akash (as Amir’s friend, Anil) is natural to the core. Shashank Shende provides decent support as pimp Rahul. Others are effective.

Majid Majidi’s direction is excellent. His shot takings are terrific and his lighting of the shots is remarkable. He has shot the film on real locations, and that gives the film a lot of raw energy. A.R. Rahman’s music score is good but his background score is superb. M.C. Heam’s rap lyrics are fine. Anil Mehta’s cinematography is award-winning. He has been able to capture the emotions of the drama as well as the ambience wonderfully well. Amaar Shetty’s action scenes are just too real. Mansi Dhruv Mehta’s production designing and Planet D’s art direction are splendid. Hassan Hassandoost’s editing is sharp.

On the whole, Beyond The Clouds is a beautifully shot and beautifully made human drama with some sterling performances. But it has limited appeal at the box-office because of the way in which it has been treated. Its difficult English title and lack of recognisable faces will further restrict its commercial chances. The film will do well in select high-end multiplexes of a few cities only. It will, however, win a lot of critical acclaim.


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  1. Shubham Sharma says:


    Aashiqui 2 had enormous shoes to fill after the business and across the country achievement of Aashiqui in 1990. The film saw Aditya Roy Kapoor combined with Shraddha Kapoor. In any case, what made the motion picture a hit with the majority was the profound melodies sung by Arijit Singh. New on the square, individuals went wild about the title track “Tum Hi Ho”. It’s as yet an exemplary right up ‘til today and is certain to pull at your heart’s strings!

    Despite the fact that Hansal Mehta’s ‘Shahid’ was not a business hit, it was a film that was profoundly hailed by pundits. In spite of the fact that the motion picture was of a more genuine tone, it opens with this wonderful number by Arijit. The melody, which has an extremely ambivalent feel to it, will influence you to sit up and pay heed to the non-commerciality in Bollywood!

    Some portion of why Barfi associated so well with groups of onlookers all finished isn’t simply because of Ranbir Kapoor’s acting cleaves, yet in addition the stellar tune list this motion picture had. The tunes were so profound and nostalgic. Arijit Singh completed a repeat adaptation of the “Phir Le Aya Dil” track from the film and obviously, it will take you on a ride loaded with goosebumps!

    Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani pass on had one of those playlists in which each melody had its very own appeal and none of them neglected to incite some genuine feels. This variant of “Kabira”, arranged with vocals by Rekha Bhardwaj and Arijit Singh, is supernatural to an unheard of level. The music, combined with the stunning vocals by the two artists, is for all the affection feathered creatures out there!

    “Smash Leela” gave relationship objectives to many individuals when it hit theaters. The motion picture saw the power couple Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone meet up for an epic romantic tale. “Laal Ishq” comes at once, when the darlings are confronting an extreme time and there’s no better voice to serenade a misery adore than Arijit. The moderate rhythm track sees Arijit take a moderate pace and a more established approach towards the tune. Basically lovely!

    In spite of the fact that the motion picture “Big stake” wasn’t precisely a group top pick, it would be putting it mildly to state the tunes didn’t make a blemish on the general population. By this point it had been demonstrated that regardless of the film, on the off chance that it had a tune in it by Arijit Singh, it would have been a surefire hit. That is precisely what occurred with “Kabhi Jo Badal Barse”. The tune went ahead to end up one of the greatest sings from the vocalist!

    Indeed, even before he took off with “Tum Hi Ho”, the artist made his check with the exact out-of-the-container tune “Raabta” from the motion picture “Operator Vinod”. The melody sees Arijit receive an alternate style of singing with no holes in the middle. The video in the motion picture sees a solitary take and the tune just matches delightfully with it. The melody without a doubt went ahead to end up an enormous hit that year!

    “Fitoor” turned out in 2016 and didn’t do great in the cinema world. It had adequate gorgeous sight however as Aditya Roy Kapoor and Katrina Kaif. Also, once more, the music created by Amit Trivedi does marvels to the motion picture. “Yeh Fitoor Mera” discharged before the motion picture and figured out how to earn enough consideration, all because of Arijit’s virtuoso voice!

    2015 was likely Arijit Singh’s greatest year and saw him discharge and sing tunes for a portion of the greatest blockbusters of the year. One of them was with Alka Yagnik for “Tamasha”. In the event that you don’t tear up tuning in to the melody, you ought to likely check in the event that you show at least a bit of kindness. A smooth and melancholic track, the track hits excessively near and dear!

    Ae Dil Hai Mushkil has been all the rage since the trailer dropped and after that to top everything of and influence individuals to go insane, the title track dropped again with Arijit Singh behind the mike. The track turned into all the rage soon enough and we’re certain it will be the melody of the year once more. All things considered, it has Arijit’s enchantment assimilated in it.

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