M.R. Filmworks, Hashtag Film Studios and Jar Pictures Pvt. Ltd.’s Gurgaon (UA) is a crime story and a family drama.

Kehri Singh (Pankaj Tripathi) is a rich businessman who dotes on his adopted daughter, Preet (Ragini Khanna). But he doesn’t get along with his own biological son, Nikki (Akshay Oberoi), who is good for nothing. Kehri Singh has a younger son, Chintu (Ashish Verma). His wife is Karma Devi (Shalini Vatsa).

Nikki hates Preet because their father gives her all the importance while humiliating him at the slightest pretext. Nikki is also always trying to prove himself to his father but invariably fails.

One day, Nikki loses Rs. 1 crore in cricket betting. Convinced that his father would never give him the money to pay the bookie, Nikki and his friend, Rajvir (Arjun Fauzdar), hatch a plot to kidnap Preet and seek the Rs. 1 crore as ransom money. Preet is abducted with this motive.

However, things don’t move as per plan and rather than matters easing out for Nikki, things begin to go out of control. Kehri Singh is asked to pay a ransom of Rs. 3 crore instead of Rs. 1 crore. Someone else telephones Kehri Singh and asks him to pay a ransom amount of Rs. 5 lakh only. This confuses Kehri Singh, who ultimately finds out that Preet’s abduction was the brainchild of none other than Nikki. So, it is time to question Nikki about Preet’s whereabouts. But the hot-headed Nikki attacks Kehri Singh so badly that he has to be confined to the wheelchair.

Finally, Nikki, Preet and Chintu are driving back home when their car meets with an accident. What happens then? Who survives the accident? And what happens after that?

Shanker Raman and Sourabh Ratnu’s story, based on true stories, is not novel but it has several twists and turns. Films about plans going awry have been seen in the past too, and this one is not very different. The screenplay, written by Shanker Raman, Sourabh Ratnu, Vipin Bhatti and Yogi Sinha, is predictable, mainly because of the oft-repeated story and drama. Questions like where Nikki is headed with Preet in the end remain unanswered. Likewise, the logic of Kehri Singh not paying the ransom money is very unconvincing. All in all, the routine story is backed by an insipid screenplay. Dialogues (by Vipin Bhatti) are fair.

Akshay Oberoi does well as Nikki. Ragini Khanna is natural in the role of Preet. Pankaj Tripathi is earnest as Kehri Singh. He has limited dialogues to mouth. Aamir Bashir (as Bhupinder Hooda) and Shalini Vatsa (as Kehri Singh’s wife, Karma Devi) lend able support. Ashish Verma (as Chintu), Arjun Fauzdar (as Rajvir), Yogi Singha (as Jonty) and Kunal Naik (as Vicky) are adequate.

Shanker Raman makes a fair debut as director. His presentation of a rou­tine story is quite different but the problem is that while the script is for the masses, his narration caters to the class audience more than to the masses. In trying to convey the story, he has kept the entertainment quotient out. Music (by Naren Chandavarkar and Benedict Taylor) is good but not of the popular variety. Lyrics (Manoj Yadav and Cyli Khare) are appropriate. Vivek Shah’s cinematography is nice. Sunil Rodrigues’ action scenes and stunts are alright. Rita Ghosh’s sets are realistic. Shan Mohammed’s editing is suitably crisp.

On the whole, Gurgaon may be a slightly different presentation of a routine script but its chances at the box-office are bleak.


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