SFE International’s G Kutta Se (A) is a film about honour killing in Haryana. It also underlines how unsafe the state is for girls and how rules are different for the men and the fairer sex.

Veerinder (Rajveer Singh) has a sister, Diksha (Vibha Dikshit), and a cousin, Kiran (Neha Chauhan). Both the girls bring dishonour to their respective families when their affairs with two separate boys come out in the open. Diksha’s father and mother kill her for daring to have an affair, when her MMS video becomes public. Kiran’s father, grandmother and cousin, Veerinder, are keen to mete out the same punishment to her but she proves to be smarter than Diksha. Veerinder, especially, is shocked because he had never in his wildest of dreams thought that his sisters could have affairs.

The film begins with Veerinder and his two friends waylaying a runaway couple. Preeti (Rashmi Singh Somvanshi) has eloped with her driver because she is not happy with her husband. At the end of the journey, after the lovebirds are waylaid by Veerinder and his friends, Veerinder even has physical relations with Preeti but, unlike one of his friends, he doesn’t believe in forcing himself upon any girl.

Rahul Dahiya’s story lays bare the reality of Haryana and captures it in its rawest form. His screenplay progresses at a fair pace but does get repetitive at times. Since the drama is stark, it doesn’t offer entertainment in the sense in which the audience is used to. But the foul language used in the dialogues and the intimate scenes make up for the lack of regular entertainment, to an extent only, of course. Danish Raza’s dialogues (mostly in chaste Haryanvi, partly in Hindi) are very bold and laced throughout with four-letter words. But the Haryanvi dialogues are often difficult to understand. While the dialogues will be liked by the masses, they will keep the ladies and family audiences away. It must be mentioned here that by its very nature, the story and screenplay hold appeal for the elite audience and don’t have much for the masses whereas the dialogues hold appeal for the masses.

Rajveer Singh looks good and acts well as Veerinder. Neha Chauhan is alright in the role of Kiran. Nitin Pandit impresses as Dheer. Rashmi Singh Somvanshi is natural as Preeti. Vibha Dikshit has her moments as Diksha. Sandeep Goyat, Parth Sharma and the others are adequate.

Rahul Dahiya’s direction is good as it shows life in Haryana as it is. Music (Anjo John, Peter Broderick and Rutger Zuydervelt) is functional. Anjo John’s background music is very impactful. Sachin Kabir’s camerawork, with additional cinematography by Alok Shrivastava, is lovely. Art direction (Ambika Acharya and Khushal Gupta) is nice. Editing (Pranay Nillay and Sandeep Singh Bajeli) is sharp.

On the whole, G Kutta Se is a very stark and well-made film but it holds appeal for a thin section of the audience only. As such, its commercial prospects are very limited. Given its lack of promotion, the film may go largely unnoticed.


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