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Am a film trade analyst, hence my reviews are from the box-office point of view
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One Response to Hindi Medium

  1. rajiv250 says:

    Hello Sir,
    I am a regular viewer of your show and never miss any. Unlike other, you teaches us various aspects of film making process including its business and what I like more about the show that you not only brings star to the show but also to the newcomers or someone who can pass his/her knowledge/experience for the benefit of newcomers. Like you introduce Bioshali Sinha the production designer and Apurva Asrani the editor to us, displays your concern about the aspiring filmmakers.
    Sir, I have a request and I am requesting this from core of my heart. I am a novelist and released my English novel recently and an aspiring screenplay writer. Sir i request you for just 10 minutes of meeting. It would be a great help if you allow me to meet just for 10 minutes , where i could narrate you my screenplay.
    I request you with a deepest sentiment and hope to hear my story and if you like it then please help me in proceeding it further.
    Expecting a Support
    Thanks & Regards

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