Trinity Group and Medios Entertainment’s Sharafat Gayi Tel Lene (UA) is the story of two friends who get involved in a money-laundering racket. Prithvi Khurana (Zayed Khan) and Sam (Rannvijay Singh Sangha) are friends who share an apartment on rent. While Prithvi works in an office and is a straightforward guy, Sam has a crooked mind and dreams of becoming rich very fast. Prithvi has a girlfriend, Megha (Tina Desai).

One day, Prithvi can’t believe his eyes when he sees the ATM machine showing the balance in his bank account as more than Rs. 100 crore. He doesn’t know who has deposited Rs. 100 crore in his account but soon gets a telephone call from a person who identifies himself as Dawood. The caller asks Prithvi to do as instructed – that is, deliver some crores to people and destinations he (Dawood) would tell him. For his services, the caller promises Prithvi handsome commission.

At first, Prithvi is reluctant, but when Sam prods him on to accept the offer, Prithvi and Sam get involved in the money transferring game. Quite early on, the two friends realise that bank manager Tharwani (Anupam Kher) is also a paid stooge of Dawood. Prithvi has not told anything to girlfriend Megha but she soon gets suspicious. Then one day, Prithvi is forced to confess all before Megha who threatens to reveal everything to the police. But Megha is persuaded by Prithvi to refrain from going to the police.

Sam soon befriends Rasheeda (Talia Bentson) who claims, she is working for Dawood. Then one day, Prithvi and Sam realise that Tharwani has the crores of rupees they had delivered to different people under instructions from Dawood. They decide to outsmart Tharwani and get back all the crores to hand over to the government. What ploy do they adopt? Do they succeed in their plan?

The film is based on a concept by Anand Kumar and Rajesh Chawla. The story idea is fairly interesting except that the drama looks too simplistic to be true. Vivek Chaudhary and Gagan Banga have penned a screenplay which is reasonably engrossing. However, the post-interval portion looks hurried. Also, since the drama moves on a single track – and the actors in the drama are not big names – it becomes difficult to keep the audience’s interest level intact for very long. Most importantly, the film, at the end of the day, appears like a long episode of a television serial. Dialogues, penned by Rajesh Chawla and Vivek Chaudhary, are fair.

Zayed Khan does quite well. Rannvijay Singh Sangha is endearing and comes up with a lively and free performance. Tina Desai does a really fine job and she has screen presence. Anupam Kher is very good as bank manager Tharwani. Talia Bentson is quite alright as Rasheeda. Yuri scores as police inspector Chaddha. Shom­endra Bose (as Agyatshatru) and Gurdeep Singh Arora (as the angry Sardar at the ATM kiosk) provide adequate support.

Gurmmeet Singh’s direction is fairly appropriate. Despite a uni-dimensional script, he manages to keep the audience reasonably involved in the drama. Music is a mixed bag. ‘Selfiyaan’ is a lovely song, composed by Meet Bros. Anjjan. The other songs (set to tune by Dhruv Dhalla, Sandeep Chatterjee, Akshay Raheja, Gavin Paheco and Faridkot) are okay. Lyrics (by Kumaar, Manoj Yadav, Tejpal Singh Rawat and I.P. Singh) are alright. Picturisation of the ‘Selfiyaan’ song (by choreographer Ganesh Hegde) is eye-filling. Ashish Manchanda’s background music is quite nice. Madhu Neelakandan’s camerawork is good. Mukund Gupta’s production design goes with the film’s mood. Meghna Sen’s editing is okay.

On the whole, Sharafat Gayi Tel Lene entertains only in parts and, given the very poor initial, it will fail to make a mark at the box-office.


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