Alimoh Films’ Chal Bhaag (UA) is the story of three men. Munna Supari (Deepak Dobriyal) and Bunty (Tarun Bajaj) are small-time criminals who are arrested in separate cases and put behind bars. Daler Singh (Varun Mehra) is also arrested wrongly. The three become friends in jail and, as luck would have it, they are framed in a murder case whereas the actual murderers are released from prison.

Police officers Satyapal Sharma (Yashpal Sharma), Kishan (Mukesh Tiwari) and Ramlal (Atul Srivastav) decide to shoot Munna, Daler and Bunty dead to make it look like they were murdered while trying to escape. But the trio is able to escape from the police’s clutches. Even while they are escaping, a bullet from the police officer’s revolver hits Usman (Kuwar Aziz), brother of dreaded underworld don Mamool (Manish Khanna). The three police officers decide to frame the trio for this murder too.

Munna, Daler and Bunty reach the don’s house to clarify that they have not killed his brother but realise that the police inspectors have already told the don that they are the accused and that they have fled. The trio now goes to Kajari’s (Keeya Khanna) house. Daler Singh is a silent lover of Kajari who is the mistress of Usman whose murder they are accused of. Unaware that Usman is dead, Kajari gives shelter to the trio. Soon, Kajari learns of Usman’s murder and also realises that the police is gunning for the trio.

What happens thereafter? Does Kajari hand over Munna, Daler and Bunty to the police? Or does Daler’s love for Kajari help the trio in the trying times? Does the police nab the trio? Or is the trio able to prove its inno­ cence?

Tarun Bajaj has penned a routine story and a commonplace screenplay. The drama unfolds without really involving the audience because it moves in quite a predictable fashion. There is not even a hint of novelty in the film and it looks like an assemblage of incidents and scenes seen in earlier films. Perhaps, the only good part of the script are the dialogues (Tarun Bajaj). They are truly humorous and, therefore, keep the audience entertained.

Deepak Dobriyal does a fine job as Munna Supari. Varun Mehra looks quite nice and is restrained as Daler Singh. Tarun Bajaj is okay in the role of Bunty. Keeya Khanna gets limited scope as Kajari and is alright. Yashpal Sharma does a truly fine job as police inspector Satyapal Sharma. As police officer Kishan, Mukesh Tiwari is very good. Atul Srivastava is fairly nice as police officer Ramlal. Sanjay Mishra makes his mark as Tata Singh although his track looks like an add-on. Manish Khanna is ordinary as Mamool. Kuwar Aziz lends average support in the role of Usman.

Prakash Balwant Saini’s direction is very routine. His narrative style caters to the masses and front-benchers only. Music (Satish Kashyap, Sadhu Sushil Tiwari and Sanjay Pathak) is just about functional. Lyrics (Niket Pandey, Dr. Devendra Kafir and Sanjay Pat­hak) are commonplace. Swarup and Robin-Darwin’s choreography does not need special mention. Amit Rathod’s background music is very ordinary. Sameer Bhaskar’s camerawork is okay. Action and stunt scenes (by Shakil Sheikh) will appeal to the front-benchers and audience in small centres. Salim Abdul’s sets are below-average. Hardik Singh Reen’s editing is quite okay.

On the whole, Chal Bhaag has entertaining dialogues as its biggest plus point. But the terribly immature and routine script will tell on the business of this action comedy which will, therefore, flop at the ticket windows.


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