Mohini Arts International’s Kahin Hai Mera Pyar (UA) is a love story. Karan (Abhishek Sethiya) is a painter who is in love with a woman he has never met. He keeps making paintings of that girl who exists in his imagination and, by virtue of that, on his canvas. One day, he and his friends are surprised to meet a girl exactly like the one he has been painting, in Goa where they’ve gone. Karan soon befriends the girl, Priya (Sonia Mann).

Before meeting Priya, Karan had sold his paintings to one very rich businessman, Rahul Kapoor (Sanjay Kapoor), as he needed the money for an emergency surgery on his sister who had met with a road accident. Rahul had picked up all the paintings at an obscene price at an auction held by an art dealer (Jackie Shroff). Rahul gifts all those paintings to Priya who is working for him, at her grand birthday party organised by him. At the same birthday party, Karan also gifts Priya a new painting of hers. Rahul is very unhappy and actually livid to see Karan at the birthday partybecause, after buying his paintings, he had asked Karan to forget the subject of his painting as, according to him (Rahul), he (Karan) would never meet her.

Days pass by. Karan and Priya decide to get married and they have the blessings of Priya’s parents (Gajendra Chauhan and Kishori Shahane-Vij). But all hell breaks loose when Priya takes Karan to meet her boss, Rahul, to seek his blessings for their marriage. Rahul wants to eliminate Karan so that he can marry Priya. When he is unable to get Karan killed, he asks him to get out of his way as he was keen on marrying Priya who resembled his late wife, Shanti (Sonia Mann). After explaining how Priya would fill the void left by Shanti in his life, Rahul orders his men to kill Karan.

What happens thereafter? Does Rahul kill Karan? Does he marry Priya? Does Priya get to know of the evil plan of her boss, Rahul? Does she marry Karan or Rahul?

Mahesh Vaijnath Doijode’s story is childish and appears ancient. His screenplay is full of holes and, therefore, fails to involve the viewers. Priya and her parents are shown to be no less than idiots to not realise that Priya’s boss, Rahul, is interested in her. The parents are so naive that they actually believe that Priya, who has gone to Rahul to seek a job in his company, deserves the job of an assistant manager although she had applied for a much lower post. They don’t even smell a rat when Rahul offers her a handsome salary alongwith accommodation and a car as part of her pay package. Why, they remain dumb even when he throws a lavish birthday party for Priya and gifts her paintings of herself with the words ‘Kahin hai mera pyar’painted on them, as if it is quite normal for bosses to do such things for their assistant managers. Like her parents, Priya is also dumb to think that all the largesse of Rahul was normal. Why Rahul, who is shown as one of the richest businessmen of India, does not come to the point straightaway and seek Priya’s hand in marriage is not clear. Instead, he does things to woo her and the silly part is that she doesn’t even realise that he is trying to woo her. Even worse, Karan, who loves Priya, doesn’t understand the reason behind her boss gifting her the paintings he had sold him (Rahul). In other words, Priya, Karan and Rahul as also Priya’s parents are all shown to be imbeciles who can’t understand the obvious – and this, when the audience understands each and every thing. Mahesh Doijode has created characters which are absolutely unidentifiable. A few of his dialogues are good but that’s hardly any solace.

Abhishek Sethiya makes a very ordinary debut in Hindi films. He goes through the role of Karan without much conviction. Debutante Sonia Mann looks pretty but needs to improve on her acting, diction and dialogue delivery to create an impact. Sanjay Kapoor is quite nice as Rahul Kapoor. Jackie Shroff hardly gets any scope. He is okay. Gajendra Chauhan and Kishori Shahane-Vij are average. Nishant Sharma, Karuna Arya, Shankar Sachadev, Sunny Agarwal, Dhaval Barbhaya and Krupa Sindhwad provide very weak support.

Mahesh Vaijnath Doijode’s direction is dull, just like his script. Stories like the one tackled in this film and also the narrative style of this film went out of fashion around 25 years ago! Music is functional and there are too many songs! While the ‘Hai junoon’ song (composed by Nikhil Kamath) is okay, the other songs (composed by Ravindra Jain) are below average. Lyrics (Ravindra Jain and Vimal Kashyap) are alright. Jay Borade and Vikram Borade’s choreography is functional. Nikhil Kamath’s background music is routine. Vijay Megharaj’s camerawork is ordinary. Akbar Sharif’s action scenes are nothing to shout about. Sets (Manohar Patil) are unexciting. Nilesh Gavand’s editing is dull.

On the whole, Kahin Hai Mera Pyar is a poor show all the way and will flop at the ticket counters. Its very weak start suggests that it may remain a non-starter.


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