Eros International and ESM’s Dishkiyaoon (UA) is the story of a gangster. Viki Kartoos (Harman Baweja) is a gangster who was trained, since childhood, by gangster Tony (Prashant Narayanan) who works for Khaleefa (Sumit Nijhawan). Viki wants to eliminate rival don Gujjar (Rajesh Vivek) and Khaleefa so that he can himself become the supreme don. He has Tony’s blessings for the same. Also working with Tony is another gangster, Rocky Chu (Anand Tiwari). Viki and Rocky can’t see eye to eye as their natures are completely different. While Viki has a golden heart, Rocky is evil. Rocky’s uncle, Sawant (Dayashankar Pandey), keeps instigating him against Viki.
Viki loves Meera (Ayesha Khanna) and she, too, loves him but she is very unhappy about his gangsterism. Viki wouldn’t mind leaving the world of crime to settle down happily with Meera but he realises, he can’t.
One day, Khaleefa gets Tony as well as Gujjar’s accountant, Parekh (Harsh Chhaya), killed. He asks Viki to serve jail time for the murders. Viki is incensed and devastated but he and his childhood friend, Ketan (Hasan Zaidi), play it smartly. He goes to jail to win Khaleefa’s confidence. Ketan starts looking after the accounts of Khaleefa (including the accounts of Gujjar, which have come to Khaleefa after Parekh’s death, following which Gujjar has gone underground). Once out of prison, Viki joins Khaleefa again and grows from strength to strength, but Rocky spoils it all. Khaleefa, who had reposed faith in Viki, now loses faith in him because of Rocky’s machinations. However, Viki, soon wins Khaleefa’s confidence once again. Viki, all along, is being helped by Lakwa (Sunny Deol) whom he had befriended in jail.
Meanwhile, police inspector Nawab Khan (Aditya Pancholi) goes hammer and tongs after Khaleefa as one of his men had killed his daughter. What happens thereafter? Is Viki able to avenge the murder of his mentor, Tony? What happens to Khaleefa and Rocky? Does Viki eliminate Gujjar? Does Lakwa continue to help Viki? Do Viki and Ketan flourish as a team? Do Viki and Meera unite in matrimony?
Sanamjit Talwar has penned a very convoluted and confusing story. His screenplay is so long-winding, confusing and boring that it entertains only occasionally. The first half is slow and boring. The pace of the drama picks up after interval but each episode of the story takes so long to come to the point that the audience loses its patience by then. There is no relief in the film in the form of comedy or light moments. The drama is tension-ridden and when it is not so, it is plain boring. Emotions are conspicuous by their absence. The romantic track of Viki and Meera is half-baked. Action is aplenty but the gun-shots aren’t exciting enough even for the masses. Another drawback is that Talwar has loaded the drama with so many characters and their tracks that it becomes painful for the viewer to remember all of them. There’s a track of Viki and Meera, another of Viki and his childhood friend, Ketan, a third track of Viki and Tony, a fourth track of Viki and Lakwa, a fifth track of Khaleefa, a sixth track of Rocky and his enmity with Viki, a seventh track of police inspector Nawab Khan, and several more! Since the drama is not engaging or engrossing, it becomes a task for the audience to keep track of so many different sub-plots and tales.
Another minus point about the film is that most of the characters are evil and/or indulge in illegal activities. This makes the film quite unpalatable for the womenfolk and the family audiences. Dialogues, written by Sanamjit Talwar, are good at a few places only.
Harman Baweja acts with gusto but to not much avail as the script is pathetic. Ayesha Khanna looks pretty but makes an ordinary debut as she hardly gets any scope. Sunny Deol looks tired and haggard and fails to impress. His hairstyle is bad, his get-up, worse still! Prashant Narayanan is natural to the core but he needs to speak more coherently and less speedily. Sumit Nijhawan is not menacing enough in the role of Khaleefa. Anand Tiwari leaves a distinct mark with his natural performance as Rocky Chu. Aditya Pancholi is okay. Hasan Zaidi makes his presence felt as Ketan. Shilpa Shetty adds oomph and glamour in a song-dance. Rajesh Vivek (as Gujjar), Rajit Kapur (as Viki’s father), Harsh Chhaya (as Parekh), Natasha (as Jia), Dayashankar Pandey (as Sawant), Aarif Sheikh (as Chauhan), Siraj Mustafa (as Soorti), Major Bikramjeet Kanwarpal (as the police commissioner) and the others provide fair support.
Sanamjit Talwar’s direction leaves a lot to be desired. His script as well as narrative style let tediousness creep into the drama quite early on. Sneha Khanwalkar and Palash Muchhal’s music is ordinary as not a single song stands out. Sanamjit Talwar’s lyrics are okay. Ranju Varghese’s choreography is functional. Julius Packiam’s background music is routine. Cinematography, by Axel Fischer, is appropriate. Pradyumna Kumar Swain’s action and stunts cater to only the front-benchers, that too of the smaller centres. Sets (by Ajay Verekar, Sukant Panigrahy, Snigdha Karmahe and Pankaj Pol) are average. Rameshwar S. Bhagat’s editing is loose.
On the whole, Dishkiyaoon is a dull fare and will, therefore, bomb at the box-office. It will entail heavy losses to all concerned.


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  2. simran says:

    Dishkiyaoon is worst movie of 2014. i really wasted my time and money

  3. thakur says:

    I read all ur reviews and in future also will read but i always found u totally biased for some actors. dont know what u people(critics) r biased…… i m a person who like to appraise d work of others but why not critics… the movie was good to me but it can be different to every one,but i guess performance remains same for all….in this diskiyaoon the performance of “khaleefa” and “tony ” r just outstanding,simply superb ..nd u hve said nothing good….bad. but i m 100% sure for ranbhir kapoor, ur reviews will be very different nd good….totally surprising

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