Balaji Telefilms Ltd. and Alt Entertainment’s Ragini MMS – 2 (A) is a horror-sex film. Sequel to Ragini MMS, the film is about film director Rocks (Parvin Dabas) who wants to make a film on the Ragini MMS scandal in which Uday and Ragini had gone on a secret getaway to a mansion to make out. Since the mansion was haunted, the ghost there had killed Uday but Ragini, after being traumatised by the ghost, had managed to escape from there. Ragini (Kainaz Motivala) is currently in a mental asylum and since Satya (Sahil Prem) is the only script writer whom Ragini’s mother (Gargi Patel) trusts, Rocks hires his services as the script writer. Despite Ragini’s mother warning Satya about the mansion being haunted, Rocks decides to shoot his film in the very mansion where the Ragini MMS scandal had taken place. The main cast and crew also stay in the same mansion. Rocks has signed Sunny (Sunny Leone) to play the lead role of Ragini in his film.

Rocks, Sunny and the rest of the cast and crew reach the haunted house and start shooting in it, unaware that a crew member has been murdered by the ghost the previous day. Strange things start happening to Sunny in the mansion as she gets visions of ghosts in the night. Maddy (Karan Mehra), another actor in the film, also feels, there’s something eerie about the house but he isn’t able to understand what it is. Soon, Sunny and writer Satya become fond of one another and fall in love.

One night, Rocks, lecherous as he is, enters Sunny’s room to spend the night in bed with her but, to his misfortune, Sunny is possessed by the ghost. Within minutes of Rocks making advances towards Sunny, the ghost kills him in a way that it appears as if Sunny had murdered him brutally. Monali (Sandhya Mridul), another actress in the film, panics when she sees Sunny sitting over Rocks’ battered body.

Even while the shooting was underway, Ragini’s psychiatrist, Dr. Meera Dutta (Divya Dutta), had been researching on the Ragini MMS scandal to understand what had happened to Ragini and how she could be cured. Her research helps her learn that in the Patwardhan mansion in which Ragini and Uday had gone, a woman had allowed a tantrik to kill her two little daughters as she had thought, their deaths would bring alive her little son who had fallen into a well and died. Nothing of the sort had happened; instead, the villagers had burnt the woman to death after mistaking her to be the murderer of her two daughters since the tantrik had escaped with her jewellery after killing the girls. Dr. Dutta hits upon an idea to free the house of the spirits and thereby cure Ragini. She is unaware that Ragini had already been murdered in the mental asylum a few days back.

Actress Monali and writer Satya are in terrible panic when Dr. Dutta reaches the haunted house, soon after Rocks is murdered. Satya has understood that his girlfriend, Sunny, is possessed. Together, Dr. Dutta, Satya and Monali try to finish the spirit and free Sunny but the spirit refuses to leave Sunny’s body and instead wants to kill everyone in the house.

What happens thereafter? Does the ghost kill the occupants of the haunted house or are Dr. Dutta, Satya and Monali successful in eliminating the ghost? What happens to Sunny, Satya, Dr. Dutta, Monali, Maddy and the other cast and crew members? How did Ragini die in the mental asylum?

Suhani Kanwar and Tanveer Bookwala have indeed scripted a sequel, in the true sense of the term, of Ragini MMS. Very intelligently, they have mixed horror, sex and comedy in right doses in the story and screenplay to keep the audience thoroughly entertained, engrossed and engaged. Since the film being shot is based on the Ragini MMS scandal, Sunny, who plays Ragini, exposes absolutely uninhibitedly, often sleeping and roaming in the mansion in her innerwear. Kissing and love-making scenes are also woven into the drama to satiate the carnal appetite of the audience. The first half has some scenes of horror but such chilling scenes abound in the post-interval portion. However, the second part of the drama gets a bit routine. The characters of Monali and Maddy are so comical that their scenes evoke laughter every single time. No doubt, the comedy of Monali is class-appealing because it arises out of her broken English and faulty pronunciations but the city audience will go ga ga over the comedy. As for Maddy’s comic scenes, they would appeal to the masses and the classes alike. The good part of the screenplay is that horror, sex and comedy have all been woven into the drama so seamlessly that nothing looks unwarranted or like an add-on. The sex scenes are just too titillating while the horror scenes scare the audience. As for the comedy, it will be loved by the youth. Ishita Moitra’s dialogues are excellent and bold and will be adored by the youngsters and the masses. The censors have been very liberal and have permitted body exposure, love-making scenes as well as the ‘f’-word on a number of occasions.

Sunny Leone looks pretty and glamorous and exposes her body to the hilt. She acts reasonably well. Her dance and uninhibited exposure in the ‘Baby doll’ song are supremely mass-appealing and will also find favour with the youth brigade. Sahil Prem is alright in the role of Satya. Parvin Dabas plays Rocks beautifully and gives a free performance. Sandhya Mridul is outstanding as Monali and evokes laughter every time she comes on the scene. She deserves the highest praise for her lovely performance. Karan Mehra plays to the gallery and impresses greatly with his comedy. Divya Dutta gives a dignified performance. Anita Hasnandani (as Gina), Soniya Mehra (as Tanya), Karan Taluja (as Kunal), Navnayak (as assistant to psychiatrist Meera Dutta), Gargi Patel, Geetanjali Kulkarni (as the mother), Sagar Talashikar (as the father) and Rani Vashishth (as the old woman) lend excellent support. Kainaz Motivala (as Ragini), baby Zaynah Samir Vatsani (as the twin girls who are killed by the tantrik), master Jasvir Saini (as the woman’s son), Annapurna (as the maid), Bachchan Pachera (as the caretaker), Rajesh Sanoune (as the tantrik) and the rest are alright.

Bhushan Patel’s direction is first-rate. He has made a film which does not lose its grip on the audience even for a minute, keeping them engrossed right from the word ‘go’. He has balanced the drama with good doses of sex, horror and comedy so as to give every kind of audience entertainment to the fullest. Music (Meet Bros. Anjjan, Honey Singh, Pranay Rijia and Chirantan Bhatt) is a major plus point. The ‘Baby doll’ (music by Meet Bros. Anjjan) and ‘Vodka’ (by Honey Singh) songs are already hit numbers and will be thoroughly enjoyed by the viewers. Lyrics (‘Baby doll’ by Kumaar; ‘Vodka’ by Ustad Bhagdarh Ali Khan; and by Manoj Yadav) are mass-appealing. Choreography of the ‘Baby doll’ song (by Uma-Gaiti) is extraordinary and will draw whistles from the crowds for the dollops of sex appeal on offer. Picturisation of the ‘Vodka’ song (by Atul Jindal) is also lovely. Amar Mohile’s background music is excellent. Naren Gedia’s camerawork deserves special mention. Abbas Ali Moghul’s action and stunt scenes are thrilling. Sunil Nigvekar’s sets are very appropriate. Tushar Shivan’s editing is too sharp.

On the whole, Ragin MMS – 2 is a surefire hit as it has the deadly combination of sex, horror, comedy and hit music. It will please the masses and classes alike and will work wonders at the box-office from North to South and East to West.

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