Chilsag-Civitech Motion Pictures’ Paranthe Wali Gali is set against the backdrop of theatre in Delhi. Maulik (Anuj Saxena) heads a theatre group which is trying to stage a play. Naina Kaur (newfind Neha) joins the group and she speaks to Saluja (Vijayant Kohli) to allow them to stage their play in a cultural event to be hosted by him. Saluja agrees but when he sees that tickets for the stage-play are not selling, he cancels it. This throws Maulik into a state of depression. Neha, who loves Maulik now, and the others in the group try to pull Maulik out of his depression. Do they succeed?

Sachin Gupta’s script is terribly weak and affords no excitement whatsoever. A lot of things seem to have remained in his mind because the unfolding drama simply doesn’t show them. As a result, the audience has to assume that things must have transpired in a particular way. Not only is the story kiddish, even Sachin Gupta’s screenplay is too juvenile to be true. Naina coming up with a name for the theatre group is one instance of childish scripting. She makes such a noise about it that the audience is left wondering why. There is a scene in which Maulik is shown to be explaining to his co-actors how they are to act and convey the feelings to the audience. While watching the same, the audience is bound to wonder why Gupta did not use the same reasoning for the actors of the film. For, they barely manage to convey anything substantive to the viewers. Naina’s mother (Mohinder Gujral) looks out of place in the young theatre group and it is not even clear what she is doing there. Although the writer has tried to infuse emotions into the drama, they completely, repeat, completely fail to touch the heart. The love story looks forced. As for the comedy, the audience wonders where it is when it sees the characters laughing! All in all, the script is no better than a piece of writing by someone who seems to be clueless about filmmaking. Even the dialogues, by Sachin Gupta, are too ordinary to be true.

Anuj Saxena gives a poor account of himself. He is too dull to be the hero of the drama. Neha is natural but she is far from heroine material. She has dubbed her dialogues in a very shrill voice which is jarring to the ears. Mohinder Gujral often irritates because of her over-excitement to evoke laughter. Jaspreet barely makes her presence felt as Naina’s sister. Himanshu Thakkar, Yuvraj Haral and Prabhakar Srinet are dull as Maulik’s co-actors. Vijayant Kohli is weak. Others in the cast lend terribly poor support.

Sachin Gupta’s direction is no better than his amateur script. Music (Vasundhara Das and Vikram Khajuria) is alright. Vipin Mishra, Viraj Mishra and Devshi Khanduri’s lyrics are ordinary. Song picturisations pass muster. Debashish Banerjee’s camerawork is functional. Vinay Chauhan’s editing is just about basic.

On the whole, Paranthe Wali Gali is a film without any flavour and it will go unnoticed.

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