Yash Raj Films’ Dhoom:3 (UA), the third in the Dhoom franchise, is a revenge drama abounding in action, visual effects and computer graphics. Iqbal Haroon Khan (Jackie Shroff) runs a circus – The Great Indian Circus – in Chicago, which has fallen on bad times. Anderson’s (Andrew Bicknell) bank, Western Bank of Chicago, which has lent money to Iqbal Khan, decides to close down the circus when he is unable to repay the loan. Young Sahir (master Siddharth Nigam), the little son of Iqbal Khan, pleads with Anderson not to shut down his father’s circus as he and his father would soon be able to turn the corner. But Iqbal Khan’s presentation before the bankers and Sahir’s pleas don’t help. Iqbal Khan commits suicide in front of the heartless Anderson, leaving Sahir devastated.

Years later, Sahir (Aamir Khan) has still not forgotten the high-handedness of the bank and swears revenge. He keeps looting different branches of the Western Bank of Chicago with the singular intent of ruining it. Rather than keeping the loot totally to himself, he distributes some of it among the people of Chicago. Since Sahir is an outstanding gymnast and an equally brilliant magician, having trained since childhood under his father, he escapes unscathed after the loot.

Unable to nab the bank thief, the Western Bank of Chicago seeks the help of the Indian Police as the thief has left a message in Hindi, on the wall of the bank. Jai Dixit (Abhishek Bachchan) and his deputy, Ali (Uday Chopra), are deputed from the Indian Police to Chicago to help the bank and the Chicago Police Department. Sahir approaches Jai once he comes to know that he is the investigating officer in the bank robbery case. He pretends to help Jai Dixit nab the bank thief by saying that he knows him (bank thief). However, another branch of the bank is robbed and although Jai shoots at the bank robber, he escapes after a long chase by Jai and the Chicago Police. Soon, Jai understands that Sahir himself is the bank thief. Since Jai needs proof, he delves deeper and what unfolds in front of his eyes, leaves him speechless. In short, Jai gets to know Sahir’s secret. But by the time Jai Dixit gathers more material to nab Sahir red-handed, the bank has asked him to quit investigations. Unwilling to give up, Jai uses another path to solve the bank robbery case. He and Ali are helped by Victoria (Tabrett Bethell) of the Chicago police.

Meanwhile, Aliya (Katrina Kaif) has joined Sahir’s circus troupe and gets involved in a romantic track. Over a few days, Jai makes headway in the case but this is unknown to Sahir. And when Sahir realises how Jai has been moving in the investigation, he is shocked. There comes a stage when Jai is close to solving the bank robbery case with all proof intact. But Sahir has, in the meantime, planned his last bank robbery which would sound the death-knell of the bank.

Does Sahir succeed in destroying the bank completely by looting the bank one last time? Or is the bank heist aborted? Does Jai Dixit nab Sahir before the last bank robbery or after it or never?

Vijay Krishna Acharya and Aditya Chopra’s story is intelligent and full of surprises, twists and turns. The circus background of the drama gives the film a certain freshness as such a background has not been seen too often in Hindi films and definitely not in the present context.

Vijay Krishna Acharya’s screenplay is superbly exciting as it keeps the eyes of the audience glued to the screen. Yes, there are a few dull scenes but the impact of the interesting parts of the film is so outstanding that in the overall scheme of things and because of the brilliance of the major portions, the dull portions pale into insignificance. The twist at the interval point is just too shocking and will leave the audience gasping for breath. The second half is supremely entertaining and engrossing. The romantic track of Aliya has tremendous intrigue value, besides being cute. The scene after Aliya invites her boyfriend out on a date is superb. Likewise, the scene between Sahir and Jai, once Aliya returns home after her date, is extraordinary.

The climax is heart-wrenching, to say the least. While the weak-hearted, especially womenfolk, would have tears rolling down their cheeks in the climax, the others will at least have a lump in their throat. The location of the climax scene adds greatly to its impact.

The romantic portion is less but it greatly adds to the drama as it is very integral to it. Comic scenes of Ali are very entertaining. Action and chase sequences are mind-boggling and match those of big Hollywood films. The locations on which the film has been shot are, quite literally, breathtaking.

Aamir Khan has delivered one of the best performances of his career. He is extraordinary and one gets to see a new facet of his acting talent after the interval. His performance is worthy of every, repeat, every single award for acting. He has worked hard on his physique and the results are mind-boggling. He excels in action and stunts and will leave the audience speechless with his acting, action and looks. Katrina Kaif may have a small role but two things stand out – her immense beauty and her dances. In fact, besides Aamir Khan’s performance, the unreal stunts and breathtaking locations, Katrina’s beauty and dances will add to the film’s repeat value. Abhishek Bachchan is alright but unable to change his expressions according to the need of the scenes. Uday Chopra is cute and evokes laughter at a number of places. Jackie Shroff is suitably restrained. Master Siddharth Nigam is cute and confident. Andrew Bicknell and Tabrett Bethell lend the desired support. Vikas Shrivastav (as Dhodhi) and the others provide able support.

Vijay Krishna Acharya’s direction is extraordinary. Although the film abounds in action and stunts, he has succeeded in keeping the emotional thread running through the entire film. He has given the film a canvas of the kind never before seen on the Hindi screen. He has made a film which would appeal to the men and the women, the young and the old, the masses and the classes. Pritam Chakroborty’s music is good but there is no super-hit song. The ‘Malang’, ‘Kamli’ and ‘Tu hee junoon’ songs are appealing. Lyrics (Amitabh Bhattacharya, Sameer and Kausar Munir) are of a good standard. Song picturisations (by Vaibhavi Merchant) are out of this world and they leave the audience mesmerised. Dein Perry’s choreography in the tap dance is superb. Julius Packiam’s background music is fantastic. Sudeep Chatterjee is no less than a hero of the film because his camerawork makes the film a veritable visual treat. Sets (Acropolis, Sumit Basu, Singdha Basu and Rajnish Hedao) are lovely. Visual effects (by Tata Elxis) are of international standards. Ritesh Soni’s editing is sharp.

On the whole Dhoom:3 is an outstanding blockbuster and will set the box-office on fire. It will break old records and create new ones. It has the potential to be the biggest box-office bonanza ever.

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  1. jahnu gogoi says:

    Kya chennai express ka record break kar payega?aap kya soch te hai? And zetc mai aapka programme mujhe bohot accha lagta hai.

  2. chakor says:

    Laga gaand chaatne bade logon ki , even a child can say its a ‘ ghisa pita’ script but a pimp like u finds everything outstanding , teri haddiyaan to koi chota producer hi todega ek din.

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  4. Komal Rathore says:

    Komal Bhai I know you did not like this movie but despite to favor AAMIR you said you like it.
    be ready to write the biggest flop of the year dhoom 3 on your blog

    LOSS TO YRF 120 CR

    bawas movie from aamir khan..hope RAJPAL YADAV WOULD HAVE DONE BETTER AS SAHIR


  5. rohit says:

    Komal you alway’s comment on abhishek bachchan that he never change his expression,but we don’t think so otherwise how he success ed in a movies like yuva,dhoom1,B&B,dus,sarkar,bluffmaster,kank,dhoom2, guru,sarkar raj,dostana,paa, Bol Bachchan,but one thing is sure alway’s try to demean him. abe gadhe time badal raha hai aur bahut jald tera bhi time kahatam hoga.

  6. manish says:

    Sorry to say komal given review by you is just bogus. Dhoom 3 movie ko ek bachha bhi dekh kar bekar hi kahega. Tum itne senior ho kar unka side sorry aaj se tumhara review dekhna band. Bakwaas movie

  7. Abhishek Bharti says:

    Its rightly said that “Always save the best for the last.” @Dhoom3TheMovieis the best visual treat of the year. 5/5 #PaisaVasool.

    Thanx Mr Aamir khan for giving us good cinema and telling others dat u don’t have to go to tv shows to promote good cinema.. N dat good cinemas will get people to movie halls..

    #Dhoom3 kicked off to a monumental start yesterday. Contrary to the belief that the film will remain only palatable to the multiplex audiences, it garnered wonderful response from the single screens too.
    The film on its first day has managed to collect approximately [₹32 crores] from its HINDI shows alone. Since the film released in TAMIL and TELGU as well separately, the film earned another [₹4 crores] from the vernacular releases. With that the film, as per early estimates, has on its opening day raked a stupendous sum of [₹36 crore]sat the domestic box office. Aamir’s intro. scene is not one of the best but clearly the best intro. taken by any Indian actor ever in our films.. it was EPIC.. #Dhoom3

  8. It was good in parts , but overall total disaster, Aamir couldn’t hold the center stage just like Hrithik did in Dhooom 2. Action sequences was too slo mo for an audiences. Few scenes here and there, nothing much too boost of. A pale and silly of them all in dhoom franchise.

    • Latika says:

      You’re absolutely correct! Hrithik has a different class altogether, Aamir could not live up to that. Really missed Hrithik’s dance in Dhoom 3. I would say Dhoom 2 was a better watch.

  9. raj says:

    Sorry to say –komal . this time ur review is not upto mark. Dhoom3 is really a bakwaas movie..
    We believe ur review but u given wrong in this time.You said: Aamir Khan has delivered one of the best performances of his career but it is one of the worst performace in his entire career.

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