P.V.P. Cinema and Raajkamal Films International’s Vishwaroop (UA) is the story of a group of Indian secret service agents trying to nab a big league of terrorists across nations. Vishwanath alias Taufiq alias Wisam Ahmad Kashmiri (Kamal Haasan) is married to Nirupama (Pooja Kumar) who works as a nuclear oncology doctor under Dipankar Bose.

Wisam enters the terrorist group of Omarbhai (Rahul Bose) who works for Osama bin Laden. He trains Omarbhai’s men in terrorist activities and wins the confidence of Omarbhai and everybody else. However, Omar­bhai’s trusted lieutenant, Salim (Jaideep Ahlawat), realises that Wisam is not what he appears to be. But it is too late because Omarbhai’s family has been killed in a bomb attack by the US army.

Omarbhai’s man, Farukh, nabs Wisam and Nirupama but Wisam proves too smart for him and kills Farukh and all his deputies and escapes with wife Nirupama but not before Dipankar is killed by Farukh. It turns out that unknown to Nirupama, her boss and lover, Dipankar, was an associate of Omarbhai.

It’s now Omarbhai and Salim gunning for Wisam. Even as Wisam and his colleagues – Jagannath (Shekhar Kapur), John Dawkins and Ashmita (Andrea Jeremiah) – are trying to prevent Omarbhai’s terrorist activities in the USA, the FBI arrests Wisam, Nirupama and Ashmita. Soon, the FBI realises that the three are working against terrorism and they now join forces to combat terrorism. But what is Omarbhai’s game plan? Does Wisam and group succeed in unearthing the hideous plan and stopping it in time? Or are they too late? What happens to Omarbhai and Salim? And what happens to Wisam and group?

Kamal Haasan’s story is too complicated and has so many characters with such difficult names and unrecognisable faces playing them that the drama gets too confusing as it becomes difficult for the viewers to remember the characters and their names. It keeps going into flashback, only adding to the confusion. What’s worse is that screenplay writer Kamal Haasan adopts a technique which withholds from the audience what exactly is happening so that the viewer is left wondering where the film is headed. In other words, the audience very often gets confused with the many happenings because the writer chooses not to reveal all to them. This starts testing the viewers’ patience after a point of time and even puts them off. Things do fall into place ultimately but that often hap­pens so much after the confusion has arisen that it would serve the purpose of clearing the doubts if and only if the viewers have the patience.

Frankly, the audience of today is not at all interested in the details the writer has gone into, to present the terrorist activities of jehadi Muslims. For the womenfolk, several of the action scenes are so violent and the killings, so brutal that they would feel repulsed! The light scenes, especially after interval, fail to evoke laughter. Another big minus point is that the film has too many subtitles in Hindi when the characters speak in foreign languages. This makes it cumbersome for the audience. Also, the climax is unsatisfying and seems to have been written with the sole aim of making a sequel to the film!! Some portions of the climax (like Nirupama diffusing the ticking bomb, with an electronic appliance) even look rather unbelievable.

On the positive side, some of the twists in the tale are interesting and have shock value. Also, a couple of scenes offer edge-of-the-seat excitement. Some action and stunt scenes are very mass-appealing. In particular, the action scene of Vishwanath/Taufiq killing Farukh and his men is worthy of applause. Dialogues, penned by Atul Tiwari, are appropriate.

A word here about the authentic atmosphere created. The writer-director ought to have appreciated the fact that creating an authentic ambience is great when and only when what’s being shown holds the audience’s interest. Otherwise, the authenticity is quite worthless – and that’s the case in this film too.

Kamal Haasan lives the role of the secret service agent on a mission. He gets into the skin of the different characters he plays and shines in each and every one of them. In one word, he is extraordinary. As his wife, Pooja Kumar is adequate. Rahul Bose does an absolutely fine job in the role of Omarbhai. He looks every inch the terrorist he plays. His get-up and voice modulation deserve distinction marks. Shekhar Kapur is average. Andrea Jeremiah is quite nice in the role of Ashmita. Jaideep Ahlawat is adequte in the role of Salim. Nasser, Zarina Wahab, Atul Tiwari (as detective Peter Parwani) and the rest lend the desired support.

Kamal Haasan’s direction is good but his narrative style does confuse the viewers at places. Also, his script holds very limited appeal. Music (Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy) is not of the popular genre. Javed Akhtar’s lyrics are alright. Pt. Birju Maharaj’s choreo­graphy is fine. Sanu John Varughese’s cinematography is first-rate. Madhu Sudhanan’s visual effects are praiseworthy. Stunts and action scenes, choreographed by Kecha Khamphakdee and Lee Whittaker, are death-defying and will appeal to the masses but many of them will be found to be too gruesome by the ladies. Sets (Lalgudi N. Ilayaraja) are authentic. Mahesh Narayanan’s editing is good. Production values are grand. Technically, superb.

On the whole, Vishwaroop is too long and tedious to entertain. It has a subject which not many would be interested in watching. It will, therefore, have a very limited run in the cinemas and will bomb at the box-office. The controversy surrounding the ban on the Tamil version by the Tamil Nadu government will not give the box-office collections of the Hindi version much boost.


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205 Responses to VISHWAROOP review

  1. Naresh says:

    bakwaas movie – chootiya haasan

  2. Abdul Malik says:

    History will say – One Enna Rascala wanted to become superhero by bashing Americans. But it ended as superflop. Mind it.

  3. Jahaber Sadiq says: – Inkaar buzz up 24% and Vishwaroop down 10% in last two days

    It proves scandals can have limited effect only compared to content and casting.

  4. Preetam says:

    Vishwaroop is another fancy dress contest for Haasan after Dashavtar. I wish he is less worried about get-ups than script, contextualisation, casting, screenwriting or background score. Also, someone tell him to tone down showing off his “talents” even in press releases.

    Though a disaster in Hindi (1,000-odd screens), it’s expected to sell a million tickets daily in Tamil Nadu alone. Such is the craze. God knows why.

  5. Samson Thomas says:

    @KomalNahta :- I apologize for shouting and unfairly criticizing you earlier. Seeing a great actor like Kamal going through all the trouble for making a film, I was frustrated and angry with your review. You have every right to review a film as you like. Your reviews and verdicts are Unbiased and i believe, based on your immense knowledge in Film-business field, and i respect you for that. With great regret, I sincerely apologize for being rude to you. I tried to delete my earlier comments, but c’d not delete them.

    I am an avid viewer of your television shows and like them very much. I hope you will pardon me, if my earlier comments hurt you in any personal level. Peace

  6. Harsh says:

    I too agree that Mr.Komal has every right to review a film as he like. But I feel that the 2nd & 3rd sentence of the last paragraph was misleading & offensive. If he had stopped with his review alone & had not become judgemental, he would not have recd this much flak.

    I have read more scathing reviews for many films, but nowhere had a reviewer played GOD. I rest my case.

  7. Ravichandar says:

    Shit movie… never realised toppling a microwave oven over a nuclear bomb can stop world calamity! height of madness… cocksure haasan got it all wrong.

  8. Sultan Sikandar says:

    Farce is the only word I can think after seeing vishwaroop. Robot had some decent credible plot.

    Clearly, this controversy hardly looks coincidental. Without it, this dud will not have survived second weekend. Haasan is too fat, old and slow to be a swashbuckling spy on screen.

    Want my money back!!!!

  9. Virarajendra says:

    Ajay roped in Salamn to make Son of Sardaar a sure shot winner at the box office. Maybe Hassan shoud have done the same for this pathetic misadventure called Vishwaroop. Is it better than Dashavtar? No. There are not even songs in the film. How will the makers even promote it on telly? May be shoe a little bit of lynching, strngling, beheading to “excite” the public!!

  10. Anith Angel says:

    Silly Bond movie. Only difference is the Bond here is not muscular, but flabby, with wrinkled face, slow movement, gay, vegan and holier than us (?!)

  11. Prasanna says:

    Hard work wasted by bad script with so many black holes I can drive a truck through!!

    This is not new – Prince, Eklavya, Hum, Luck were all nice-looking attempts let down by weak scripts.

  12. Sathya says:

    This is the one of the few rare candid reviews about Vishwaroop online. Looks like Haasan has bought everyone else into slavery with a single cheque.

    Setting aside the drama about this cry baby, the film is no masterpiece. Its 80s style Indiana Jones minus thrills, suspense and twists. But Haasan plays the role of a homomsexual spy perfectly. Other than that, its one boring saga similar in intellectual energy to Amar Chitra Katha or Chandamama. By the way, in Haasan’s sweet xenophobic sadistic world, Afghans are niggers and dwarfs !

  13. Guruprasad says:

    Too much hype killed the badly cooked broth… hi hi hi
    Hassan gang forgot that cinema is for entertainment not education, original research n propaganda. mind it rascala !!
    kitchen oven is the global solution given by hassan for all nuclear bomb threats worldwide. wow! awesome, marvellous, awesomatic,… say my southie mates whistling n clapping… i was like wha thafa ..

  14. Sameera says:

    First half is okay. Second half is confusing, slow, … most expensive art film made i think

  15. Navshath Ali says:

    Oh My God was lot more gripping, candid and authentic than Vishwaroop which is just cheap, costly and cheesy documentary made to satisfy someone’s ego, id and super id.

  16. Sundar says:

    Nonstop mindless graphic violence under the guise of aesthetic cinema is kamal shtyle.

    As usual it is a flop. But when will he stop making crass films to torture innocent movie going civilians?

  17. Farooq Ahmed says:

    Hassan has made a documentary to support US imperialism and make India a puppet state… almost a poodle. Shame on him..

  18. jatin says:

    movie was really boring

  19. vishnu says:

    Gud mve.. Shit u northies

  20. Chaitanya says:

    Saw da film and didnt like it. Its like watching Inception without subtitles !!!??
    Cant make head or title of whats going on. Plus its confusig as there are too many characters in da film as mentioned in da review. eg. Farooq, Abbasi, Salim, Omar, Naaser, Taufiq, Imtiaz, Munaawer, Mammoo,… PM Manmohan Singh also talks on phone in the last reel !!

  21. Saiprakash says:

    Thanks for the honest review Komal.

    I happended to watch Vishwaroop in DVD (HD cam quality !!??). Hassan fans will like it for the action scenes and punch dialogues. For others, the movie is time pass only. Don’t expect a classic epic masterpiece. Its nowhere near the peaks of Shanghai, Oh My God and Rajneeti.

  22. gURU says:


  23. Sadasivam says:

    Kamal is not great in screenwriting. So why he bothers and tests our patience? Only his fans parade this shit as classic. Infact, a good film will be entertaining even with serious subjects (like Oh My God, Kahaani,…). This is a badly made film with severe editing issues that you can’t even understand if Jagannath is uncle of Wisam or Nirupama! Scandals alone can’t bring crowds. Only content sells tickets.

  24. vashist says:

    Mumbai Express and Agent Vinod seem exciting compared to Vishwaroop. May be I went in with too much expectation reading other (paid) reviews. Too slow, too cliched, too stereotyped, too stale, too predictable, too cheesy, too violent and too illogical even for a espionage thriller. Hassan should forget the making of sequel as even a scandal cannot save it.

  25. Sukanya says:

    Only southies call Vishwaroop both a classic and a blockbuster. Both are false claims. This film is not a classic and this film is not a success. But like Hassan, his fans too can’t understand double effect of free speech. I watched the film in bus on the way to Bangalore. Its incoherent, cheap, with no script sense at all. The hero kills US troops but walks free unlike other terrorist colleagues. Why? Simply bcoz he is hero!? An RAW agent enters terrorist camp to learn secrets and threats to India – this makes sense. But the same RAW agent flies 10,000 km to save the US (not India) at Indian taxpayer’s expenses – this makes no sense. In the real world, there is CIA, FBI, MI6, NSA, Interpol,… – they are all absent in the film!! This film marks Hassan’s height of stupidity, height of narcissism, height of megalomania,… No wonder it has flopped badly.

    • Jayesh says:

      Only southies… So you mean you’re a northy… So you’re discriminating…. So fools like you can’t judge correctly..Fuck off !

  26. Madhuri says:

    GOsh! You guys are still stuck on this… The movie is sure made its impression!

  27. Jamal says:

    Vishwaroop is confusing really. Is Colonel Jagannath the uncle of Vishwanath/Wisam or Nirupama ? In the first scene, she calls him uncle but throughout the film Wisam calls him uncle. Even such basic character depth is not established.

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  29. Srikrish says:

    Wow… so many comments for a flop !
    Hmm… curiosity kills the cat.

    IMDB has now removed all the 25,000+ fake votes for Vishwaroop as many regulars repoted of abuse of polls, bogus IDs, sockpuppetry,… looks like one big racket by desperate fading old star…

    Nahta saab’s review hit the bulls’ eye as usual.

  30. vru007 says:

    The microwave oven which nirupama puts on the bomb is physics oriented application.
    Microwave ovens are coated from the inside with lead(Pb) sheet to avoide radiations from escaping out.

    If you remember, the bomb was to be activated using cellular connection. Hence the oven acts as a barrier for radiations. It blocks the network of the mobile phone. Hence when omarbhai calls the cell , it gives the message’ the number is out of range’.
    Hence the bomb doesnt explode..:-):-)

  31. vru007 says:

    Colonel Jagannath is RAW officer and as a act of setup he is a temporary uncle of kamal hassan…:-):-)

  32. vru007 says:

    You have to have real brains to understand the movie.
    Atleast i have.®

  33. Shipra says:

    Majority has been criticising the script but I think it wasn’t that bad. Anyway all over it’s a good project. Regards to the team contributed.

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