KHILADI 786 Review


Hari Om Entertainment Company, Eros International and HR Musik’s Khiladi 786 is a masala film. It is the story of match-making. Bahattar Singh (Akshay Kumar), belonging to a family of thugs, is just not successful in getting a good match for himself as no girl wants to marry him. Among other things, he poses as a policeman to help the genuine police personnel and charges fees for getting clandes­tine and illegal goods confiscated. Bahattar Singh is also large-hearted and donates generously to the needy. His father, Sattar Singh (Raj Babbar), and uncle, Ikhattar Singh (Mukesh Rishi), are quite worried for him as he is still unmarried. They get lucky one day when Mansukh Desai (Himesh Reshammiya) comes with the marriage proposal of Indu Tendulkar (Asin Thottumkal) for Bahattar Singh.

Indu seems to like no boy and her don-brother, Tatya Tendulkar (Mithun Chakraborty), is worried as hell for her. She loves Azad (Rahul Singh) but since he is spending time in jail, she can’t marry him. She, therefore, frightens away every boy selected by Tatya for her. Tatya has told Mansukh to find a match from a good family for his sister. Mansukh has taken this as a challenge as he has been unable to make a single match in his life in spite of being the son of a renowned match-maker, Champaklal Desai (Manoj Joshi). In fact, Champaklal has thrown Mansukh out of his house because of this very reason.

Mansukh lies about the antecedents of Indu’s family and tells Sattar Singh that she is the sister of a top police officer. Since he thinks that Bahattar Singh is a genuine police officer, he introduces him as such to Tatya. So, in effect, Mansukh is trying to make a match between Bahattar Singh and Indu, both of who belong to families of ill-repute and each of who thinks that the other’s family is well-respected.

Does Bahattar Singh finally marry Indu or does she elope with Azad? Do the two families get to know the truth about each other?

Himesh Reshammiya’s story is not bad but it takes the easier route – it does not establish too much or offer too many explanations. Reshammiya also does not work on characterisations as much as a story writer ought to. Even this may have worked fine since this is basically a comedy film, but the problem is that several questions crop up in the audience’s mind while watching the film, which remain unanswered. For instance, if the world thinks that Bahattar Singh is a strict police officer and very large-hearted too, why is no girl willing to marry him? There should have actually been a queue of eligible spinsters outside Bahattar Singh’s house. The reason why no girl wants to marry Bahattar Singh is simply not explained.

Kushal Ved Bakshi’s screenplay is quite shoddily written. The effort to create comedy and make people laugh shows every now and then, and this is especially irritating when the comedy actually fails to evoke laughter. At several places, the scenes seem to have been abruptly edited and tracks changed. Characters seem to have been included unnecessarily in the drama, simply with the intention of adding to the tamasha but the ‘extra’ characters don’t really add anything. Instances in point are the characters of Jeevan (Sanjay Mishra) and the police officer (Muk­esh Tiwari). Even the track of the Afri­can grandmother of Bahattar Singh is terribly irritating. Another drawback of the screenplay is that there is a lot of repetition. Had the comedy been enjoyable and hilarious, the repetition could’ve actually worked to the film’s advantage but with the comedy being as forced as it is, the repetition gets on the viewers’ nerves.

Frankly, the romantic track is soulless, the comedy is forced at many places, and there is no trace of emo­tions in the drama. Also, the track of match-maker Mansukh is so lengthy that not only does it look unnecessary at times but also underlines the faulty casting because the requirement was that of a second hero, almost equal in stature to Akshay Kumar. Obviously, Himesh Reshammiya can’t match Akshay and in scenes where Mansukh confronts Bahattar Singh, the faulty casting becomes very pronounced. Although Bunty Rathore’s dialogues are very good, their impact is often lost because of the weak screenplay and miscasting. This is not to say that there are no good comic scenes. Of course, there are, but they aren’t enough.

The pre-climax and climax have been stretched too much and they dilute the impact.

Akshay Kumar seems to have done this film without putting his heart and soul into the character. Although he acts well, his lack of connect with the character seems all too obvious. Asin Thottumkal seems disinterested in the film. She is mechanical and goes through her performance like a robot, without feelings. Himesh Resham­miya fails to impress. He has been given more than he can handle. His constant crying (whether he is sad, angry or scared) looks stupid rather than funny, which was the intention. Mithun Chakraborty is okay and his sincerity is worth praising. Raj Bab­bar does an ordinary job, more because he hardly gets any scope. Rahul Singh is alright. Sanjay Mishra is not very funny. Gurpreet Guggi is funny at a couple of places only, in the role of Sukhi. Rajesh Khattar does a fair job. Manoj Joshi, as Champaklal Desai, is good. Sejal Shah, as his wife, is earnest. Mukesh Rishi and Mukesh Tiwari have been wasted. Bharti Singh (as Mili) and Mushtaq Khan (as Bhagat) have nothing worthwhile to do. Even a wonderful actor like Johny Lever has been given very little scope. Claudia Ceisla creates quite an impression in the ‘Balma’ song-dance number.

Ashish R. Mohan’s debut as director leaves something to be desired. Though he has chosen a comedy subject, he has not been able to evoke laughter to the desired level. What is objectionable is that several scenes seem to have been written solely with the purpose of tickling the funny bone but those very scenes fall flat. The film also gives the impression of having been shot in haste.

Himesh Reshammiya’s music is the best thing in the film. However, most of the songs have been forced into the screenplay, which should have been avoided, given the hit music score. The ‘Balma’ song is already a hit but its picturisation is nothing in comparison to its merits. To have the heroine present in the picturisation of such a hit song and yet not make her dance with the hero (who, incidentally, is shown dancing with a club dancer) is a blunder. The ‘Lonely’, ‘Long drive’ and Hookah bar’ songs are also very nice. The title track and ‘Sari sari raat’ number are also appealing. The lyrics of the ‘Balma’ song (Sameer) are ex­cellent. Other lyrics (Shabbir Ahmed and Himesh Reshammiya) are good. Song picturisations could’ve been better as the choreography (all songs, except one, by Ganesh Acharya; and the ‘Long drive’ song by Piyush Panchal) offers no novelty. In fact, the songs seem to have been picturised in a tearing hurry. Cinematography (Attar Singh Saini) is okay. Jai Singh Nijjar’s action and stunt scenes will be enjoyed by front-benchers mainly. Sets (Saikat Bose) are nothing to shout about. Editing (Ashish Gaikar) is not very good.

On the whole, Khiladi 786 has music as its main plus point but that will not be enough to ensure a good and fruitful run at the box-office as it entertains the audience in spurts only. Business in single-screen cinemas may be good but that in the multiplexes will not be upto the mark. After a fair weekend, collections will drop fast and furiously from the fourth day on­wards. Losing.

Released on 7-12-’12 at Regal (daily 2 shows), Eros (daily 2 shows), New Excelsior (daily 2 shows) and other cinemas of Bombay by Eros International. Publicity: very good. Opening: fair. …….Also released all over. Opening was excellent in single-screen cinemas of several circuits like U.P., Bihar and Rajasthan but not upto the mark in many multiplexes.


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44 Responses to KHILADI 786 Review

  1. Mahi says:

    I wonder what it wud hve been ur review if khiladi786 wud hve been a salman film.GROW UP.:)

    • Chris says:

      Mahi, I am simply nobody to reply you but I just wanted to say that I have seen this movie. And the review is actually perfect. The same things that I felt komal wrote in his review. Himesh Reshammiya has been wrongly casted in a funny role. If u’ll watch the movie u will also say that himesh should only do things he is best at i.e. Music direction. Rowdy Rathore was a nice movie but after rowdy , Khiladi786 is really not worth a watch. Wait for a month or two and watch it when it’ll be on aired on TV. And as far as Salman Khan is concerned the same review was given for his Ready. But I think Ek tha Tiger was really worth a watch. It was good movie.

      • Sanjay Bose says:

        Too much overacting forced comedy WHAT A BAD MOVIE (bakwaas , South indian style but very B grade movie but childrens may like it, its like pokemon and hagemaru ), ITS TORCHERS U ,Overacting aur overstyle ki toh had hi paar kar di , I WENT AWAY IN INTERVAL AND WENT TO OTHERE sCREEN TO WATCH TALAASH ONCE AGAIN. its tees markaan and joker part 2

    • Pramod says:

      Mahi .. do you really think Salman would do such a rubbish movie?

  2. Rahul says:

    I think this film could make realize akshay that he should do nly great films like other superstars doing..nt this kind of movie i think this type of movie gud fr new comer nly nt for the superstars……..luv u akshay ……….god bllesss u …….

  3. Azzu says:

    Xact and Super review…
    At the end if you want nothing more than an enjoyable action-comedy without much sense, give Khiladi786 a watch….

  4. Mahmudul Bari says:

    It’s quite futile to expect much from an Akshay Kumar film. Other then hera pheri, Namastey London and Bhool Bhulaiya, he has no other quality movie under his belt. Salman khan does make the masala movies but they do contain some genuine adorable screenplay or at least a fun family watch with few twists , i.e Bodyguard. But Akshay always tries his one and only comedies and more often than not, ends up with such bad products like Khiladi 786. Even his recent hit, Houseful 2 just ran on the brand power. It’s quite ironical that some top notch critics are stating that Khiladi Is back with a bang and comparing him with the ‘Khan trio ‘ , where the reality is that he is no match for them .

  5. Gaurang says:

    Great Review Mr. Nahta. I really think Akki should now focus on a good script as I don;t think he has done any good movie After Namastey London.

  6. Malay Samant says:

    Ur assesment of Himesh Reshammiya failing to impress is hard to digest as the public review says that he has acted brilliantly which again proves the fact that you are jealous of his work and another critic who likes to support every craziness that Salman does and whenever it is done by any other hero be it Akshay or any other hero you don’t digest. You are almost licking Salman’s feet right now, worst reviewer on the web, go get a BRAIN, NAHTA

    • Mahmudul Bari says:

      Salman khan does make the masala movies but they do contain some genuine adorable screenplay or at least a fun family watch with few twists , i.e Bodyguard. But Akshay always tries his one and only comedies and more often than not, ends up with such bad products like Khiladi 786. Even his recent hit, Houseful 2 just ran on the brand power. It’s quite ironical that some top notch critics are stating that Khiladi Is back with a bang and comparing him with the ‘Khan trio ‘ , where the reality is that he is no match for them .

    • Prashant says:

      Agree with Malay Samant !!

  7. Prashant says:

    I have seen critics are always giving good reviews for Khans movies…..even some of them have give good marks for Talash and JTHJ also…….both were very slow and boring movies…………..Khiladi 786 is fully able to entertain…..Mr. Nahta grow up please……Just watch the movie….

  8. roushan nilay says:

    Superb review komal sir…

  9. bosss says:

    its a useless review….its totally entertaining and best comedy of the year,no doubt.simply better than rady,jthj and sos….what more do you want???

  10. Saiesh says:

    Naahta wt u think JTHJ ws gud n talaash..? Talaash ws slow muvi.. N d suspens ws hilarious…. Ghost..?? Only amir can see kareena…?? hhahaha…. Anyways just praise d hard work… Muvi is fantastic… Even himesh is gud…
    And i hv seen ur smal acting in tees mar khan…. hhhahaha d dialg u said is so funny… Ur better actor den any othr bollywood actor… So jus cut d crap……stop reviewing and strt acting…

  11. Sweaty says:

    Really, I m not believe on movie review. Because if the of salman, Amir,sharuk or Karan Johar..then movie review always more then 3 or 4 star even movie is not good ie Talash….be fair with every one and let give decide to audience.

  12. Akshay says:

    Film is super duper hit, Reviewer is saying that it didn’t make me laugh !!


    Public doesnt agree,
    & Ya Himesh is not gud actor BUT HE IS BRILLIANT IN THIS MOVIE, U need to update ur softwares ..

    Think again before giving such review to a non stop comedy, action movie..

    Real king, he dont need ur STARS..

  13. Harshal says:

    komal sir,i respect abt what u reviewed k786 only if u do same wid khan films…i saw jthj,talash,ett…and al were crap….no entrtainment at,anupama and taran always keep abusing akki’s film…why….???if this is the cndition so all of u leave reviewing….hence v wil b safe 4m dis type of thrash review….k786 is mindles cmedy 4 entertainment..i always watch ur show and sir you always kep saying cmedy has no logic..then y the hel u r finding logic in this… is jst 2 enjoy yar…..abhi toh sudhar jao

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  15. Shehzad says:

    Komal sir 100% correct & superb review……..
    Totaly bakwas movie… Why BW is making this worst kind of movies no story, no class, no creativity, no subject, nothing newness, no standard, not good acting, perfectless, not quality action, impectless,remake…. Some of our 2, 3 BW stars r making audiences fool by doing worst kind of movies & doing remake for survive in BW .thats y our BW movies can’t able atrack the world wide audience.

  16. Sanjay Bose says:

    WHAT A BAD MOVIE (bakwaas , South indian style but very B grade movie but childrens may like it, its like pokemon and hagemaru ), ITS TORCHERS U ,Overacting aur overstyle ki toh had hi paar kar di , I WENT AWAY IN INTERVAL AND WENT TO OTHERE sCREEN TO WATCH TALAASH ONCE AGAIN. its tees markaan and joker part 2

  17. abhi says:

    totally agree with your review.watched the movie. the story is really poor.forcefully included songs.some’s a comedy movie but not that much fun.even the actions are not actions they are comedy.only akkians will like it. so let the dogs bark

  18. Pankaj taneja says:

    Mr. Nahta don”t you think you are doing unfair with this movie? We were knowing you as a fair critic
    this movie will definetly jump and survive

  19. Jan Mohammad says:

    This review is somewhat biased. Khiladi 786 is a perfect entertainer after Talaash hangover!

  20. jd says:

    Sabhi insaan alag alag sochte hai, usi tarah Critics me bhi review alag alag dete hai….isase a6a hai log khud jaake khud decide kare ki unko film a6i lagi ya buri…

  21. furhath says:

    I do not understand why people are comparing this movie with Talaash or JTHJ! Talaash was a great movie in terms of acting and story. Yes the finishing was so poor indeed, but the suspense was there throughout the movie. But still according to me the climax was pathetic. Now if we are talking about JTHJ, that was a love saga. One fantastic movie with terrific performances! JTHJ cannot be compared with love stories like DDLJ/ Veer Zaara. Those movie story wise was better than JTHJ (to me). But JTHJ has its own class to represent. SOS was a good movie with a laughter theory on. SOS was a money making movie with average type comedy, and it has made money. Talking about Khiladi, this is not what we expect from Akshay. Only few part of the movie was good …. in one word average movie! In 2 weeks Dabangg 2 is coming, how can this type of movie survive with that? No they cannot, khiladi will be out even before dabangg releases. I do not go with Mr. Nahta either that it is a total flop, but it wont make enough money. I doubt it will make 100 crores! I am from Minnesota and here SOS has been drop down from all the theaters, JTHJ still getting 3-4 shows everywhere where as talaash and new released khiladi 786 getting 4 shows.

  22. Saiesh says:

    khiladi 786 colletced 16 cr on first day… So critics shut ur mouth.. Confirmed news source: entertainment one india….

  23. Pushpak says:

    Ek Tha Tiger is Good movie! The best joke of the year.

  24. Timepass says:

    Had fun reading ya all…keep it coming!

  25. Bablukumar says:

    Why mr nahata says undigestable things about k786. U dnt see any gudnes abut the mv. Ha ha ha u need to check ur eyes and mind too . U r also follower of khans tharwhy u gave a review for jthj. U say we hv seen the best perfomance of all actors, then what about ddlg veerzaara and namstey london ,ya realy u r became insane pls etc change mr nahata to save ur channel . K786 is a gud mv with alot of fun, action and awesm songs overall public review is quite well. And music is biggest hit of 2012 so shut up komal.

  26. Bablukumar says:

    Khiladi makes real stunt nt the dupliate like salman and sahrujh. U know akki jumps from balkoni with any help on the ground akki is the only who take liferisk for the entertainment of audience.k786 is hit.

  27. Saiesh says:

    Khildi 786 collected 40cr in 3dayz…. N ur saying 30cr… Update ur software nahta..

  28. Akshay says:

    Ambar Hai DOl Raha ..
    Kaap Uthi Dharti Maiyaa ..
    Ekk review Ke Badle Tu ..
    Aaj Kitna Pitega Bhaiya ..
    Sach Mein Hai Badi Uljhi Uljhiiiii ..
    Sach Mein Hai Badi Uljhi Uljhi Life Ki Bhoolbhulaiya !!!

  29. Akshay says:

    Komal the upgiven song is dedicated to you

  30. Saiesh says:

    hahahaha…. Hahahaha….

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  32. chandantaluja says:

    temme one thing…are you paid to write these reviews?

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  34. pranprotim says:

    I saw the Movie and I did not like it.
    Housefull 2 and Desi Boyz were more watchable than this.

  35. Lisha Bujol says:

    Hello there, You’ve done a fantastic job. I will definitely digg it and individually suggest to my friends. I am sure they will be benefited from this website.

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