Presented below is the communication received from Yash Raj Films in relation to the case heard today (8th November) in the Competition Commission Appellate Tribunal:

“After the Competition Commission of India dismissed the complaint filed by Ajay Devgan Films (ADF) on the basis that it was of the opinion that there was no contravention of the Competition Act in this case, the Competition Appellate Tribunal, in a hearing today (8th November), also refused to pass any interim order against Yash Raj Films (YRF) on the ground that the complainant had not put forward sufficient facts to establish that YRF had violated the Competition Act.

“We completely refute the press release put out by ADF as the Competition Appellate Tribunal did not find any merit in the contention of ADF because the Tribunal was of the view that ADF has totally failed to establish that the agreements entered into by YRF with the single-screen cinemas would cause any appreciable adverse effect on competition. It was also noted by the Tribunal that YRF had announced the release (on Diwali 2012) of its film, on 27th June 2011 with its announcement and commenced booking of single-screen theatres in June, July and August 2012. On the contrary, ADF announced the release of its film only on 29th May 2012 and approached the single-screen owners only in October 2012 by which time YRF had taken a lead. It was expressly noted that the number of screens contracted for Jab Tak Hai Jaan, being far less than that of Ek Tha Tiger, prima facie no case of adverse effect on competition, much less appreciable effect on competition, was made out.

“In a free competition, Ajay Devgan admits that the cine goers will decide the film that they wish to see. With both the films having opened the booking on the same day, the cine goers already seem to have expressed their verdict. Even as we go to press with this release, we are being approached by a large number of theatres with offers to screen our film.

“Despite several media queries, YRF has maintained a strict media silence while the matter was pending before the competent judicial authorities, deeming it inappropriate to comment on the matter while it was before the judicial authorities. YRF has never desired nor manipulated such publicity.

“It is unfortunate that our refusal to comment has led to aspersions being cast on YRF’s business practices, which have always been ethical and of the highest standards.

“With this matter having been laid to rest for now, we would like to get back to releasing Jab Tak Hai Jaan this Diwali on the 13th of November. This is the time to celebrate a Yash Chopra romance, which has traditionally lit up homes worldwide, during this festive season.”


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  1. kabir says:

    more frustration for ajay.shame on u ajay.srk se panga vari para na.salman using u,.

  2. sekhartweets says:

    My respect for yashraj increased more.. Ajay just trying to get noticed by creating controversy.. Shameful

  3. surajjain says:

    Seems like @ajaydevgn firmly believes in the saying “Any publicity is good publicity” #JTHJ

  4. Ajay says:

    Ajay Devgn is the real son of sardaar good step taken by him….atlest small producer gets benifit form this.

  5. it is expected anyway. its shocking that this kind of cheap publicity coming from Ajay. he has been speaking about it everywhere in every interview. lost a respect for this guy. anyhow, SOS doesnt even screen in Malaysia, whereas you can see JTHJ posters in every cineplex in Malaysia. so much for SOS going global.

  6. Puja Agrwal says:

    Ajay Devgn you are true superstar,only you have the courage to take pangas with YRF.best of luck Ajay.Son Of Sardaar will be rule this diwali.

  7. Kunall says:

    Love and Respect Ajay Devgn.we all with you.


  9. faisal says:

    ajoy devgan r doing free publicity hear.

  10. DON says:

    bloody bullshit…nonsense….frustrated husband..unable to satisfy Kajol…SRK has done everything to Kajol….still devgan (son of sardar) taking panga with his children father…..

    • Dwight says:

      I think he has done every thing to your mo as well, and while doing he told the secret to your mom and that is how you come to know about it. isn’t it?

  11. Amar says:

    After reading both parties statement I should say YRF has shown smart marketing tactics and book theaters earlier than Arf and also YRF shown more smart move by releasing statement after hearing of case it is kind of win for YRF.

    • Dwight says:

      Wow, verdict finally given. No need to file cases or any legal tussle. Good work. keep it up. You saved two producers from fighting. I will try and direct them to your verdict.

  12. Dhiraj Bodkhe says:

    I’m with you Ajay, and i’ve faith in your movie. Seen “Maryada Ramana”(Telugu vesion of SOS) its complete Family package.
    But you have made mistake by making contract with exhibitors too late after YRF. Nobody had stopped you to make it earlier. Also your point is correct that “how long will the movie run in theater should be decided by the audience NOT BY A DISTRIBUTOR”

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