Ajay Devgan has succeeded in getting an enquiry instituted against Yash Raj Films in the Jab Tak Hai Jaan versus Son Of Sardaar case but his attempt to get relief for his own film failed.

Here’s what Ajay’s lawyers have to say:

“The Competition Appellate Tribunal has seen merit in our case and has issued notice for enquiring into the anti competitive activities of YRF about the tie-in arrangement to block our movie Son Of Sardaar on the day of Diwali. While looking at YRF’s own damning statement that only 821 theatres which have already executed agreement with YRF for showing Jab Tak Hai Jaan on the Diwali day, had a so-called tie-in arrangement in comparison to 1,407 single-screens for Ek Tha Tiger, the Competition Appellate Tribunal did not provide an interim relief. This leaves the balance screens which have not executed agreements with YRF to show Jab Tak Hai Jaan till date, to be free to exhibit Son Of Sardaar without any tie-in arrangement of YRF. This would include 586 single-screens which had earlier shown Ek Tha Tiger. Accordingly, we would now be approaching all theatres which have not executed any agreement for showing Jab Tak Hai Jaan for exhibiting our movie. However, if the above facts are found to be false, which would be proven through evidence after the release of the movie, we would not only continue to fight against YRF’s anti-competitive activities on our own behalf but also on behalf of the entire industry.”

Ajay Devgan spoke to me ten minutes back and reiterated that he would continue his fight after the release of his film. “I am not foolish to spend the money I am spending on this case, without a base. I may end up spending Rs. 50-60 lakh. I have a battery of top lawyers arguing my case. Are they stupid to take up my case if they are not convinced? I have been studying the MRTP law since the last two-three months and I know what I am doing.” The actor-producer, who did not seem tense at all, ended, “Komal, I have been reading your tweets and blogs, and I absolutely know, you are being very fair, as always. I would never say, you have sided one party over the other.”


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  1. iamshibu says:

    Komal ji i think ajay case is baseless . I heard even eros did the same with Raone, rockstar and desi boys .

  2. mir shaka says:

    Itz unfair ,,i thk ajay hav a point

  3. SriHarsha Tadepalli says:

    if Ajay has sold the movie to Eros..why he’s running this case?? It should be Eros running the case right?? correct me if I’m wrong….

    • Shankhayan says:

      yes u r wrong.eros have the distributor’s right and hence will get distributer’s share from the earnings but ADF is the producer of the film which will get the total net earnings – distributer’s share

  4. Shankhayan says:

    Ajay is right!!! Jab thak hain jan release should be halted untilll the case is solved

    • Kshitish says:

      Well, Sos should have been halted perhaps. Or could have change it’s release date as it’s not getting enough screen space at that date. And btw JTHJ release date was announced first(before a year).

  5. rakesh says:

    karara jawaab milega…!!

  6. Amar says:

    Point is that both party has battery of top lawyers. not only ADF.

  7. Tarun says:

    Such bitter truth make us realize how big producers do monopoly. An honest man lyk ajay raise his voice against it. Media is trying to prove him villain wat a shame?

  8. ranjan says:

    Ajay Devgan is absolutely right. one should not expect a big production house like YRF is supposed to do like this .The trained started by YRF is now going to be followed by the makers of Talaash(amir khan movie ) , the makers of Talaash are asking for two weak uninterrupted screening of their movie which will now going to affect the movie Khiladi 786 a December 7 release.If this tradition continues then small production house will be affected.

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