Vaaraahi Chalana Chitram’s Makkhi (dubbed from the Telugu super-hit, Eega; UA) is a romantic action film. Jani (Nani) is in love with Bindu (Samantha Prabhu) but the latter does not acknowledge the fact that she also loves him. Meanwhile, Sud­eep (Sudeep), a lecherous businessman, sets his eyes on Bindu and lusts for her. He soon realises that Bindu loves Jani, so he wants Jani out of his way. Even as Bindu for the first time expresses her love to Jani, Sudeep murders him because he can’t bear the thought of Bindu loving or being loved by anybody else.

Jani is reborn as a fly to avenge his death. His singular mission is now to kill Sudeep. Can a fly pose such a big threat to Sudeep? Is the fly able to convince Bindu that it is Jani reborn? Does Bindu help the fly in its mission? Does Sudeep realise that the fly is Jani reborn? Does he get close enough to Bindu to combat the advances of the fly?

S.S. Rajamouli’s story of a man being reborn as a fly to avenge his murder and to save his beloved from falling prey to the man who killed him is unique. The screenplay is full of mass-appealing scenes. A tiny fly taking revenge on a man may look far-fetched but once a viewer comes to accept its possibility, he would enjoy the antics of the fly and the reaction of Sudeep to the hilt, even often clapping in applause. The animation is wonderful and the background score when the fly tortures Sudeep at different places and times is extraordinary. In short, the novelty factor, the brilliant animation and the superb background music are the mainstay of the film and provide loads of entertainment to the audience. Emotions are lacking, and the film could have done with some high-voltage emotional scenes. It is probably because Jani dies too early in the drama, and the intensity of the love between him and Bindu isn’t established that emotions don’t come forth. There is another ‘minus’ point for the audience of the dubbed version. The tug at the heart-strings is not felt to the desired level when Jani is killed because the character is played by an actor who is not known among the Hindi film-going audience. Of course, there is nothing anyone can do about this since it is a dubbed film. Climax is nail-biting. Dia­logues (Anuj Gurwara) are very appropriate.

Sudeep gives an award-winning performance as the villainous businessman. If he is first-rate as the lecherous and lustful guy, he is equally fantastic as the man troubled by the fly and frustrated enough to do anything to es­cape from it. Nani has a short role and is good in it. Samantha Prabhu acts very well. Aditya Menon leaves a mark as Sudeep’s business partner. Noel Sean is okay as Jani’s friend. Devadarshini is good in the role of Bindu’s sister-in-law. Ajay Devgan and Kajol’s voice overs in the beginning and end of the film lend star value.

S.S. Rajamouli’s direction deserv­es distinction marks, just like his script. To make such an entertaining, enjoyable and engrossing film with a fly playing the main protagonist is not an easy job but Rajamouli has done exactly that – and wonderfully well too! M.M. Kreem’s music is appropriate. His background music, as mentioned above, is extraordinary. K.K. Senthil Kumar’s camerawork is extraordinary. Ranivdar’s sets are lovely. Visual effects (Makuta VFX) are of an international standard. Kotagiri Venkateshwara Rao’s editing is sharp. Dubbing is excellent.

On the whole, Makkhi is a very en­gaging and enjoyable fare for all age groups. Although mouth publicity will ensure that its collections pick up as days progress, its terribly and frighteningly slow start will tell on its box-office business in the final tally.


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2 Responses to MAKKHI Review

  1. Shashank says:

    sure the movie wud be gud…but southern movie sensibilities do not match well with bollywood sensibilities…we watch their movies only if we need a good laugh and majority of their movies is disgustingly mindless…in such a scenario a dubbed movie wont work..we need our heroes and with our movie sensibility to get audiences to shell out exorbitant money on ticket prices…

  2. King Viswa says:

    Excellent description for the film. Thank You Sir

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