Indiscriminate Film Promotion: Wasteful Or Distasteful Expenditure?

A point to ponder. Is the industry doing the right thing by spending so indiscriminately on film promotion and marketing? Not just money but also the precious time of the actors! As in all other areas, the industry people are guided by the herd mentality as far as marketing and promoting their films is also concerned. If one producer can take his stars to ten cities of india, I can take mine to 15; if he can promote his film in Indian cities, I can do the same abroad too, after completing India darshan; if his stars can be visible on three television shows, mine will visit five – this seems to be the guiding force for all producers, or almost all! No producer wants to sit down and contemplate whether it makes sense to spend many crores of rupees on promotion because nobody seems to have the time and inclination to understand.

Sridevi visited every TV and radio channel you can dream of and several cities before her English Vinglish hit the screens but her film could collect just Rs. 2.5 crore on the opening day. Collections almost doubled the next day so, obviously, it was the free mouth publicity which did the trick, not the crores spent on promoting the film. Rani Mukerji left no stone unturned to promote her Aiyyaa but the opening day’s poor collections made the trade sigh “aiyyaa…” in unison. In fact, a couple of morning shows of the film had to be cancelled due to absence of audience!

Why are producers on the path to self-destruction? Why has everyone to show his courage by spending crores and wasting the time of the stars? Why can’t someone exhibit his guts of steel by swimming against the tide and not spending mindlessly on promotions, city tours and the like? After all, the crores spent on promotion and marketing are all added to the cost of the film, making it that much more difficult for a film to recover the investment and make profits. Think, producers think!


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Am a film trade analyst, hence my reviews are from the box-office point of view
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13 Responses to FILM PROMOTION

  1. Tina says:

    For Ek Tha Tiger salman khan did not go to many cities, just Delhi & Ahemdabad. Infact they started promoting their movie only one week before the movie was to release. Infact many were wondering why they have not started promoting their movie. Even on your show salman khan had said that he does not like to go overboard on promotions. If a promo is good people will definately watch.And the movie created History. So producers should not waste too much money. If promotions could do wonders then Heroine would have been a Blockbuster.

  2. Sayan says:

    Hi Komal,You are passionate in your views and make strong observations but you really need to articulate them better.Sometimes your words come out sounding very harsh and do not make for pretty reading because the style is not user friendly.You need to keep up the tempo but make better use of literature to seem like a more composed and noteworthy writer/author/blogger.Just a thought- don’t castigate it ,ponder on it.

    • komalreviews says:

      Hi Sayan. Thank you for your feedback. I don’t know whether this is good for me or not, but my readers have come to expect me to write bluntly. Till I don’t call a spade a spade, they are not happy. It is because of the response of my readers that I write in the style which may not go down well with some people. This is true of my readers on Twitter, my blog as also of the thousands of subscribers of my film trade magazine, FILM INFORMATION. But, a genuine “thank you” for your honest feedback. Do keep giving me feedback in future too. Regards.

  3. Sayan says:

    Was wondering btw..I remembering reading a blog after Ra-one ‘s release about a mithai seller and the tactics of marketing he was employing…that was a delightful read..was it yours?

  4. Inaaya says:

    Komal, I love and trust your reviews and your skills as an analyst. After reading mindless critics, you are a refreshing change and sensible voice. I don’t ever read reviews but always log on here to read yours because you say it how it is. No sugar coating, no let me be nice because filmmaker is my friend type attitude. Kudos for bringing up this point. Salman Khan had pointed that out on your show as well if I am not mistaken during promotions of Ek Tha Tiger. Katrina was all in favors of promotions while Salman was of the opinion that the good vibe is good enough to do the trick. What’s to be noted is back in the days, HAHK, DDLJ, KKHH, other blockbusters barely had any promotional tours yet they remain blockbusters of all times. Goes to show you that content is king. Besides, people tend to get annoyed and tired of seeing the same celebrities on every tv show, internet, etc promoting the same movie for DAYS with the same dialogues and dance moves.

    • komalreviews says:

      Thank you, Inaaya. Yes, you are right about Salman Khan’s views on my show. I really feel, the industry needs to sit back and think. The time has come to regulate and check the large amounts of money being spent on promotion. Otherwise, the ‘bhed-chaal’ can go on and on and on… You are also right about the fatigue among the public having set in.

  5. Umer says:

    I agree with what you said sir but here are some points. Consider. Had not been promoted that heavily, it’d have been a a Flop. Only promotion and genius of SRK saved that film.

  6. Umer says:

    One more thing. I do agree that producers spend ruthless money on promotions which should have been used to create something extra ordinary. But, promotios is very, very important as of now a days, the film only wokd in it’s first week ( good WOM an exception).

  7. Gaurav says:

    Hi Komal…I agree with you to a great extent…English Vinglish opened slow despite heavy promotions (I think in EV’s case money spent on promotions would have been equal to the money spent on making the film, Sridevi wore a different dress for every single interview)..But I guess promotions help big movies like Ek Tha Tiger and Housefull 2..they never generated any good word of mouth publicity and managed to make significant revenues in the first few days itself…and quite often you scribes attribute a movie’s failure partly to low promotions..what do you think…thanks..

  8. zahir says:

    That’s right promotion campain adds handsome amount of money to the star fee….
    now days dates for shoot & promotion are considered for the fee paid to star….
    It makes actors more of a salesman than a artist…..

  9. SriHarsha says:

    Hello Komal, I always appreciate you because your TRADE ANALYSIS part is very good. Your reviews are also fine and like they say “Different people have different opinions” sometimes I respectfully dis agree with you but that never stops me reading your reviews because you are one of the very few critics whom I respect most. This is a very good article. I accept the fact that these days, they are doing too much of promotion. If a movie is about to release, we get stars in every show, that actually decrease their star status. If you see movies like DDLJ, HAHK n other old movies never had this mad promotion yet are the biggest of hits. On the flip side, when they are spending so many crores in a movie, they do not want to miss any single chance to promote it.

  10. Dr.Solanki says:

    Hi Komal,I totally agree with you.I think first of all Big stars should stop promoting the films (SRK,SALMAN,AKSHAY,RHITIK,AAMIR,SAIF) like RAJNI sir because they are already having huge loyal fans which will definately come to watch movies at least once and the rest will follow if movies is good.

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