Reel Illusion Films’ Pairon Talle (A) is the story of Bhanu Kumar (Dibyen­du Bhattacharya) who works as a security guard for Lakhmichand Ahlawat (Avtar Singh Sahni). Bhanu guards Ahlawat’s dilapidated factory. His wife, Saroj Kumar (Saba Joshi), is frustrated but stands by her husband. Lakhmichand Ahlawat lusts for Saroj and often has sex with her, much against her wishes, paying her for obliging him.

Ahlawat wants to marry away his daughter, Twinkle (Geeta Bisht), with a man older than him! However, Twinkle elopes with her boyfriend, Daya (Abhishek Banerjee). Ahlawat asks a killer (Manav Kaushik) to eliminate Daya so that he can marry off Twinkle to the old man of his choice. Constable Chhatar Bitta (Rupender Walia), in the guise of helping Twinkle and Daya, actually helps the killer reach them.

What ultimately happens? Does Twinkle marry Daya or the old man? Does Bhanu Kumar ever get to know about his master’s sexual encounters with his wife? What happens to Bhanu Kumar, Saroj and Lakhmichand Ahla­wat? The latter part of the drama answers these questions.

The story and screenplay, written by Sidharth Srinivasan, are of the kind which will appeal to the festival circuit and the elite audience only. A good thing about the screenplay is that it does not get unduly boring. Explicit sex scenes are very bold. Sidharth Srinivasan and Ashok Lall’s dialogues go well with the mood of the drama.

As far as entertainment is concern­ed, the film offers very little of it.

Dibyendu Bhattacharya is wonderfully natural. Saba Joshi does a very fine job as Bhanu’s wife, Saroj. Avtar Singh Sahni shines as Lakhmichand Ahlawat. Rupinder Walia is good. Geeta Bisht does an average job. Abhishek Banerjee is so-so. Manav Kaushik is menacing. N.K. Pant stands his own in the role of the barber. Natasha Rastogi (as Twinkle’s mother) and the rest lend the necessary support.

Sidharth Srinivasan’s direction is good. The man knows his craft. Back­ground music (Jona Kampa) is alright. S. Nalla Muthu’s cinematography is nice. B. Nagar and Babloo-Aarif Saifi’s art direction is as per the dem­ands of the script. Sameera Jain’s editing is reasonably sharp.

On the whole, Pairon Talle is a well-made film but one which has very limited business prospects. Lack of promotion will add to its tale of woes.


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